Lying liars and the fools who believe them

The biggest lie in the debate over the Civil Rights of Americans is that ‘no one is going to take your guns away. If someone tells you this they are either a liar who takes you for a fool or they are a fool who got taken by a liar. Let’s take a look at some of the comments of people who have let the real narrative of the NeoComs and the Obama Administration slip:

Illinois Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky admits that banning handguns is a goal in spite of the Heller v. D.C. and McDonald v. Chicago rulings specifically stating that such a goal is unconstitutional. Is she ignorant, or does she and her ilk plan on attacking the Bill of Rights?

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo admits that confiscation and/or mandatory sale to the state could be an option.

San Diego Police Chief William Lansdowne “…it may take a generation, but guns will eventually be taken off the streets through new laws.

Attorney General Eric Holder suggests brainwashing as a way to get guns out of the hands of citizens. Sort of puts a kid being suspended over the shape of a pop-tart into perspective doesn’t it?

Finally we have this famous quote from California Concealed Carry Permit holder, gun packer and NeoCom hypocrite Diane Feinstein:  “If I could have banned them all – ‘Mr. and Mrs. America turn in your guns’ – I would have!

These people aren’t interested in your safety, they could care less about your well being. This is all about controlling you and if you’re the victim of violent crime they have one answer for you if you ask them why they are leaving you defenseless; “next question please” – Rep. Jim “all women should be easy to victimize” Moran (D-VA)

As John Pierce puts it in his column “Illinois Congresswoman says handgun bans are next”

 they do want to take away your semi-auto rifle … and theydo want to take away your handgun.

And once they have taken those, then your single shot shotgun will suddenly become a ‘close quarters combat weapon’ and they will take that too.

Don’t believe the liars or the fools who believe them.

One response to “Lying liars and the fools who believe them

  1. You make some very good arguments backed up with an excellent compilation of links showing the true colors of our adversaries. Thank you.