Mark Kelley gets told “No publicity stunts for you.”

Diamondback Police Supply has refunded Mark Kelley’s money after determining that the purchase may not be for his personal use (in all likely hood it took this long because they were talking to lawyers). In other words Mark Kelly was planning on breaking the law when he went to purchase the rifle and Diamondback Police Supply, being a responsible gun dealer, told him to pound sand rather than risk losing their license.

Mr. Kelly’s money has been refunded, and Diamondback Police Supply will be donating the rifle to Arizona Tactical Officers Association where it will be raffled off. They are also making a donation for the purchase price of the rifle to the Eddie Eagle Gun Safety Program.

Hopefully Diamondback Police Supply has also told Mr. Kelley he is persona non grata in their store. That’s banned for those of you in Rio Linda.

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