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Something Borrowed, Something Blue…

Think she’ll need a better holster from The Well Armed Woman though.

Something Borrowed Something Blue


The Folly of Gun Control Laws Manifests in Chicago

Chicago is known for two things to civil-rights activists; a hotbed of Gang violence and for being extremely hostile towards the private ownership of firearms. Now thanks to the recent trends of anti-police hostility, the people in Chicago are realizing that they are responsible for their personal safety.

Recently the Police Union in Chicago has begun urging its members to turn down non-mandatory overtime during Labor Day weekend. Overtime is something many officers use to supplement their pay, so this is not a light request by the Union. I do support the reasoning for making this call and hope the officers follow it.

The affected communities’ reaction to the news that Police presence will be much thinner over the long weekend could be described as panic. A few leaders realized that they have an option and that option is the armed citizen. So now they are making the call that every legally armed citizen turn out to protect their community over the Labor Day weekend.

Thing is those who are thinking about getting a firearm now will likely have to wait until after the holiday thanks to Illinois and Chicago’s drawn out process for obtaining permission to exercise a right that “shall not be infringed.” I do feel somewhat sorry for the people affected by this. At the same time their responsibility in creating this situation by electing representatives who favor anti-civil rights policies cannot be ignored.

Let’s hope the lessons from Labor Day weekend are remembered come November.

That’s the End of the Libertarian Party for Me

Gary Johnson has been a huge disappointment. Now this image on the Libertarian Party’s Facebook page. I’ll note not all of the facts are in and the investigations are not completed yet they feel confident enough to pass summary judgement and declare both incidents murder. So much for their party platform supporting due process.


Wanted: A Political Party that actually stands for American Values.

Lot of Attention Being Paid to the War Baby Lately

A lot of new articles are being written about one of my personal favorite guns of all time, the M1 Carbine. Don’t know why that is, but it is along with it’s big brother the M1 Garand an iconic firearm.

In the most recent article to cross my monitor S.W.A.T. Magazine puts the M1 Carbine up against an AR15. The results of that head to head comparison may surprise a few of you, but It didn’t me. Does it make me want to dump an AR and go buy an M1 Carbine? No, but at the same time the Carbine does have a few things going for it.

  1. Low sight line. If you don’t compensate for the AR15s sight offset you might either put a round into a barrier or worse something you didn’t want to shoot.
  2. Appearance. Some people (especially those who might end up on a jury) get the vapors when they see the sharp lines, black metal and plastic of an AR15, not so with the smooth flowing lines and walnut stock of the M1 Carbine.
  3. Low(er) muzzle blast. If you have to fire indoors the carbine’s lower pressure round won’t generate nearly the blast of the 5.56X45.

Reasons I wouldn’t go for an M1 Carbine

  1. Cost. Compared to a Ar15 you’ll be paying just as much if not more for an M1. There are new ones out there but with the exception of Fulton Armory, I’m not sure how reliable they would be. Gone are the days you could get a Rock-Ola manufactured M1 Carbine for half the price of an AR15.
  2. Reliability. Magazines have always been an issue for the Carbine. The 30 round ones are iffy at best and 15 round magazines are a little better especially if you can get original issue one. Age and wear of parts is another area of concern.
  3. Ammunition. Very few manufacturers make defensive ammunition for the Carbine.

You can if you choose wisely put a light and red dot on an M1 so that isn’t a consideration. Personally I’d consider a wood stocked Mini-14 for home defense over an M1 carbine, Mianly for logistics reasons. However, I would definitely keep the M1 around for range trips. They’re fun to shoot and new shooters take to it easily. Especially those who are easily spooked by muzzle blast.

Quote Of The Day

Before we get into the QOTD I need to get something out there for you. Many years ago someone I care deeply about was hurt badly by a gay man, she suffered years of abuse before she managed to get away and likely still carries at least some emotional if not physical scars from that time. The fact I was not in a position to help is something I regret to this day. Thinking about it today still causes the cold detachment reserved for criminal investigations to settle in. But I can’t blame all gays for what he did, I personally know gays who would put their lives on the line to help someone in her position.

At the same time the man who taught me the most about standing up for what you believe in was in fact gay. He was also deeply religious and believed homosexual relationships to be a sin. As such he lived a celibate life. In spite of this he was still discriminated against by members of his church and community for being gay. He never wavered though and was a constant presence at his church and community events. Even if they would not allow him to directly help he was also a huge supporter of youth programs. But enough about that on to the quote.

Many pro-gun, anti-LGBT bigots have also had their eyes opened and minds broadened by the events in Orlando. What once seemed like a sociopolitical impasse has been climbed over and conquered. For many “traditional conservatives,” it no longer matters who you love or what you do behind closed doors, because they’ve been awakened — like so many in the LGBT community — to the fact that the freedom to be is more important than the freedom to be gay or straight or otherwise. The latter freedoms are redundant, shielded under the umbrella of defense of the former. It should never take a tragedy to make intelligent people see the fragile nature of their freedom, nor should it take death and destruction to make folks put aside unimportant differences in deference to the only thing that truly matters. But the tragedy’s happened, and tragedies always will. We of all colors and creeds and genders and beliefs that comprise Gun Culture 2.0 merely hope everyone can learn from it.

Please go and read the whole thing. I do understand if you disagree with their lifestyle on religious grounds. I hope you acknowledge that they still have the right to basic human right to self-defense. Whether you choose to actively support that is up to you and you should not be judged for it no matter which you choose.

Orlando Was Just Another Warmup

Like it or not these attacks aren’t what you think. We are being probed. They are figuring out our weaknesses, our reactions and how best to exploit them to do us harm. If your first reaction to this Islamic Terrorist Attack on US soil is to blame the weapon – You are part of the problem.

I wanted to do a nice big post about this but things keep getting in the way so here are some posts written by people far more eloquent than me.

From Bearing Arms: A Worse Islamic Terror Attack Is Coming, And The Government Won’t Save You

From Active Response Training: Everyday Carry of Trauma Medical Gear & Field Medicine for Terrorist Attacks

From Michael Bane: Hold the Teddy Bears

Get firearm(s) and training, get medical gear and training, carry both with you wherever and whenever possible. Lives may depend on it.


Evaluate Gear Objectively and Avoid the Gear Race

Today Tam (and if you’re not following her on social media you should be) posted that she was ditching the Crimson Trace products on her Glock that had served her so well on her S&W M&P because of how they changed the ergonomics of the Glock. This was not a decision made because there was something neat and new on the market. In fact as of this writing I do not know if she has chosen a replacement or if she even will. This decision was made after (painful) hands on evaluation. Which is how it should be.

Now, most of us lack the budget to buy a lot of things to try and probably aren’t in a good position to get evaluation samples either. That leaves it to us to find trusted sources who are objective in their evaluations (yes, I consider Tam one of those) and hopefully a retail outlet that will let us try the product or has a generous return policy. The objective sources help us narrow our choices and trying them lets us know if they work for us. The other thing is we need to ask ourselves some questions prior to dropping our money.

First are we buying because it’s a fad we want to follow or is it to address a legitimate need? Second are we addressing an issue or buying things in hopes it makes us a better shooter? Finally do we have something that will already do the job?

Following fads, buying gear to make you a better shooter when you can’t hit what you’re aiming at already and buying things you don’t need won’t do you any favors. It will definitely cut into your practice ammo budget.