Select Tools You Can Use

Rob Pincus ran into another sub-compact Kimber in one of his classes with predictable results. Naturally the comments go south as the ardent disciples of John Browning make their appearance. I like Rob’s solution, bring it to a class and if your sub-compact 1911 goes all the way through without failing your class is free. I don’t know that he’s had any takers. But I do know no one has managed that feat yet.

The Importance of Selecting the Proper Tool for the Job

For those who don’t want to read the thread here is the cliff notes. The shooter’s sub-compact Kimber .45 was set up perfectly for a right-hander. The problem is the shooter is a lefty and the gun had no way for a lefty to disengage the safety without engaging in some interesting manipulations. Besides the gun having notorious reliability issues it wasn’t even configured properly for the person who was going to be using it.

When choosing a firearm please look for the following; reputation for reliability, ease of use, ability to hit your target and comfortable to hold. My personal choice in this regard was a Glock 19, it’s not pretty but it will work and I have no problem hitting what I’m aiming at. Lately I’ve been thinking about going to something with more traditional lines like a CZ or 3rd generation S&W, but the Glock keeps checking the boxes.

Gun Store Owner Sues People Harassing His Business

In keeping with Joe Huffman’s theory that anti-rights cultists can be charged under 18 USC 241, 242 a gun store owner is suing people who tried to shut down his legal business including those who did so in their official capacity as law-makers. The money quote on how disconnected these cultists are comes from Del. Mark Levine (D-Alexandria), who said: [the lawsuit] “a very, very dangerous attack on the First Amendment, an absolute attack on people’s right to speak out.”

Don’t think for a minute he won’t attack the First Amendment the second it becomes politically expedient to do so. After all he is on record as opposing people’s Second Amendment rights.

For a Former Astronaut He’s Pretty Dumb

Travelling control freak and opportunist Mark Kelly is in Illinois campaigning for “common sense” reforms to Illinois gun law (story). There’s just one problem, the cornerstone component of his law is already on the books in Illinois. In order to even touch a firearm one has to have an Illinois F.O.I.D. which involves a lengthy wait and background check by the Illinois State Police.

Sadly this is typical of the anti-rights cultists. “It doesn’t matter if something is already law, we need another law to make it look like we’re doing something or to make life more difficult for law-abiding citizens who can’t afford 24/7 armed bodyguards.” Thankfully this attitude is one reason why they are losing.

The Revolver is Dead, Long Live the Revolver!

The Firearm Blog has raised the recurring question of “Are Revolvers Obsolete?” It’s  a legitimate question that bears asking from time to time. However, I think the answer will always be “no.” This isn’t because it is still capable of keeping up with demands LE, Military and most armed citizens place on their gear. That world is dominated by semi-automatic pistols usually with polymer frames. It’s because there is a niche that semi-automatics will have a difficult time filling. The need for a “packing pistol.”

The ability to chamber heavy rounds like .44 Magnum and .45 Long Colt is something semi-automatics just can’t to without being excessively heavy and having a very large grip. Revolvers on the other hand can have smaller grips and if desired be loaded with more than one type of round. For example snake shot when in snake country followed up by rounds for other predators one may encounter.

So long as men and women venture off the beaten path and have a need for carrying the tools of self-defense the revolver will likely never be obsolete. Instead it will enjoy a long life even if it is among a niche group of loyal users.

Hoplophobia puts kid’s lives at risk.

The hysteria this is generating is as wrong as it amusing.

The guns can shoot through walls!

So can that pistol the officer is carrying you dolt.

If the officer who engaged the Columbine shooters had had a carbine (and been better trained) a lot of lives could have been saved.


To be intellectually honest and consistent, if you think someone that provides a service (whether that be a baker or a singer) should be forced to provide said service to their public regardless of how they feel about said public, then Springsteen should have been forced to put on that concert.


Vuurwapen Blog Owner and others sued by Fireclean

Soldier Systems Daily has the details.

I found the posts claiming Fireclean was Crisco to be interesting, but if you’re using it and it works who cares? Thanks to Pat Rogers we know you can use Vagisil on your AR15 if that’s all you have.

This will be interesting to watch though.