Thursday Thoughts

Dealing with some issues, but today I want to remind everyone that 75 years ago today history was made and blood shed as men made of sterner stuff than many today joined the fight to free Europe from tyranny.


Merry Christmas, Happy Yule, Festivus or Whatever.

I guess Santa decided I hadn’t been naughty enough this year.

Gazing Into The Crystal Ball

First, sorry for the absence the end of the Thanksgiving holiday saw 117 cases dropped onto my desk to investigate. So life had to wait while I caught up.

Like most of you I’m positive there was plenty of cheating in the 2020 election. Between that and the Democrats emptying the insane asylums we now have a dementia patient and crime boss who is likely to be inaugurated as President. So what does that mean for us as gun owners and a nation?

Well in two words; we’re screwed. We’ve already seen that they’re going after pistol braces, again. Next will be anything classified as a firearm like the Mossberg Shockwave. And yes, they’re coming after standard capacity magazines and semi-automatic firearms as well.

So what do we do? In short, raise hell. You’re congressman in town pay them a visit. Face to face would be nice, but unlikely and easy for them to duck because, pandemic. But a group protesting outside their offices or (if you can do so legally) home won’t be so easy to ignore. Be careful how you organize these because if they get wind of it Biden’s Black Shirts AKA Aunt Teefa will show up with violence on their minds. Even if you’re careful they may show up anyway so it’s best to discuss with legal counsel now how you can respond and stay within the law. Keep in mind being visibly armed is no deterrent.

As a nation I tend to agree with Larry Correia that we’re likely headed for a National Amicable Divorce at best and a murder/suicide at worst. As we’ve seen with the pandemic people panic easily, so it’s best to lay in supplies while you can. Not just guns and ammunition, you should already have those and if you don’t well… Ant and the grasshopper. Consider this you can’t eat a gun (yes you might be able to get food with one but it’s noisy), so you’ll need to lay in food preferably with a long shelf life, medicines and household supplies.

We’ll get into some specifics of things you should consider in the coming weeks.

RIP Gen. Chuck Yeager

Major General Charles Elwood « Chuck » Yeager, born in 1923. He was the first man to break the sound barrier on October 14, 1947, flying the experimental Bell X-1 at Mach 1 at an altitude of 45,000 ft (13,700 m).

I grew up near Edwards Air Force base, the scene of Gen Yeager’s and many other brave men’s exploits. Granted it was years later, but the legend had already been born and stories of him were everywhere. Especially for a young kid interested in military aviation.

Amazingly I had a chance encounter with the General while I was in the Air Force. In legend he was a big damn hero, but in person he was just a regular guy. To me, that made him all the more impressive.

And He will raise you up on eagle’s wings, bear you on the breath 
of dawn, make you to shine like the sun, and hold you in the palm of His hand.

A day that should be remembered that many are trying to forget.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt said December 7th 1941 was a day that would live in infamy. He didn’t count on his own party trying to taint that memory and dilute it the point where they tried to turn America into what that generation fought to defeat. Yet here we are.

I knew someone who was there. They transferred off the Arizona on Dec 6th 1941. Next morning he climbed the mountains overlooking the harbor to film the sunrise. A lot of the footage of the attack we see today is his. Thinking about what he must of felt as he watched the men he worked with be killed weighs heavily.

We should never forget.


Friday Funny

Thursday Thoughts

So, I’m trying to get back into maintaining this place. While a great many people were quite happy with President Trump some of his actions damaged me personally. Namely a hiring freeze that cost me a very good job with a much needed 110% pay raise. Needless, to say I’m still dealing with the resulting fallout, but thanks to Covid lockdowns and the resulting work from home changes things are improving so I’m trying to get back into things.

Let’s hope this works.

The real heavy lifter in the fight for 2nd Amendment rights.

For some time I’ve been amused at the people crowing about the NRA’s troubles combined with Wayne LaPierre’s apparent grifting. The NRA has done some good at they can bring out the vote when they want to. But in court and in the legislatures around the country they seem to be more interested in a tactical withdrawal.

Enter the 2nd Amendment Foundation who along with the Firearms Policy Coalition are intent on fighting tooth and nail to not only maintain our rights but to restore what we have lost. While I have no interest in dropping my life membership in the NRA, you can be assured that donations I make will be heading to the 2nd Amendment Foundation and FPC.

Election 2020 What A Warning Looks Like

As I write this we are still dealing with the mess that is the 2020 election. Trump still hasn’t conceded, Rudy says they have enough proof of fraud to flip the results and this weekend a LOT of people showed up in D.C. to protest what they view as a stolen election.

Before anyone starts saying “it wasn’t stolen” read these links from forensic accountant Larry Correia. Have a problem with his conclusions? Take it up with him.

There’s no doubt there were a lot of pro Trump supporters in DC this weekend. While there will never be an official number it seems “tens of thousands” is the best guess. This presents a problem for presumptive president elect asterisk. They’d already expressed concern that any public event would become a MAGA rally as they can’t draw a crown any larger than a convenience store parking lot. Now they have to be really worried about the numbers. Over 40 million people are convinced this election was stolen. That leaves a potential of 1.25 Million willing to do something about it not seen in this country since the mid-19th Century (Democrats lost that one too). Add in a potential GOP Senate and/or a Senate unwilling to pack the courts with asterisk lackeys, a Trump judiciary and potentially every E.O. and policy being challenged in the courts and asterisk is in for a rough four years.

Thursday Thoughts

Lever Actions for Self Defense

A fairly well written article. My personal preference for a pistol caliber lever gun is .44 Magnum because thanks to Cowboy Action Shooting lever guns in .357 Magnum carry a premium price.

Situational Awareness for Concealed Carry

I don’t know about you, but for me I’d rather not have to use the gun I’m carrying. Being situationally aware can help you avoid trouble, respond to it if necessary or escape it if need be.

Duncan v. Becerra

This will be a case to watch. If you haven’t heard a District Judge ruled California’s ban on standard capacity magazines unconstitutional. Inexplicably the 9th Circus let the injunction stand for a week before issuing a stay and halting what turned into a flood of thousands of standard capacity magazines into California. If this case makes it to the Supreme Court there’s a good chance this will end the silliness of restrictions on the number of rounds you can have in your defensive firearm.

Miguel over at Gun Free Zone has some highlights of what is a very well written opinion from the Judge in two parts. Highly suggested reading.

What to Do When You’re Overwhelmed by All the Terrible Events Going On In the World

This is a great article with some really great advice. Most importantly; “…for the love of all things cute and fluffy, avoid the comments section of any news piece you happen to read.” The irony the author asks readers to leave comments is not lost on me. However the comments on this site seem decent. I also spotted other links worth checking out.

There is No Such Thing as “Gun Violence”

Want some good arguments for you pro-rights tool box? Here you go.