QOTD: Student of the Gun

If there is a useful takeaway or lesson to be learned from this vicious criminal act, it is this; the Victim State produces vile and verminous monsters like our boy, Excrement. When you fully embrace victimization you abdicate all responsibility for your own actions. Nothing is your fault. Every action you take can be excused by your victim status. As we have seen it played out on a national stage, when you don the clothes of the perfect victim, your sick and twisted mind can justify anything, even the murder of innocent people.

Finally, what is most insidious and should trouble you more than all else in the fact that those who should be rejecting the mindset and actions of Excrement are not. Instead, we see a full blown diversionary campaign, a plan to deflect the blame from the black, gay, Obama supporter and instead to blame and inanimate object and by extension the millions of people who own these objects and do no harm.

These murders were planned over a long period of time. Not one law proposed would have prevented it. It was an act of evil, and the only way to stop evil is to destroy it before it can do harm. Which is not always possible.


Via Michael Z. Williamson’s Facebook page:

“Tell the Chinese that radical Islamic testicles are aphrodisiacs. The culture will be gone in like.. 20 years.”

Militia (CCW Holders) of the United States Larger than Top 25* Countries Combined

Miguel has the research and the numbers.

These numbers don’t account for those who need no permit or those who would bear arms if necessary but haven’t bothered to get a CCW permit. If the Black Lives Matter crowd gets that race war they want I suspect it will be violent and bloody.

*If you add up ALL Active Duty Military it would take the top 20 to equal the US Citizens with permits.

Old Lady From Hell +20 Attack!

Unless you’re an idiot driver or offended by strong language, go read.

Worth the laugh


This analysis of the rise in rapid mass murder events in theaters may make you re-think going to the theater. I’d like to emphasize the traits of favorable targets Mr. Borsch lists. Because not only are these locations prime targets of psychopaths looking for instant celebrity status, they also make good targets for terrorists. After all they both want the same thing, a high body count (bold comments mine).

  • Preference for where the law, rule or signs forbid the honest law-abiding to carry firearms, the alleged “Gun-Free” zones, (only “Utopians” believe these areas are gun-free).
  • Location: Similar to a theater, school room, office complex, Etc., anywhere a large number of unarmed defenseless victims are located
  • Access: Easy in and out. The multiplex theaters have their own emergency exits directly outside for each theater, (an important MO consideration for the CO and LA murderers escape plan). [suicidal terrorists will also look for easy to control exits or ways to block all but one leading those inside into a suicide funnel.]
  • Soundproofing factor: Either by design or coincidence, locations such as schools, office complexes and especially movie theaters, have degrees of sound proofing that make hearing gunfire a distance away difficult or impossible to hear over ambient noise.

Go and read the whole thing, share with your friends and work to end these zones of victims.

Los Angeles Gangs Engage in Deadly Game

This would be a great reason to point out why should always carry except for one problem. The gangs involved are in the gun control paradise of California.

According to this article two rival gangs have made a bet, or should I say challenge to see which gang can kill 100 people in  a span of 100 days. Since concealed carry permits are next to impossible to get the chances of the gangs encountering armed resistance is slim. However, don’t worry the City of Los Angeles just banned high capacity magazines, so the gangs are going to have a very difficult time achieving their goal.

You are your own first line of defense

Horrid as this story is don’t expect the Police to be held accountable for not protecting her or her family. They have no duty to protect you.