Thursday Thoughts

Dealing with some issues, but today I want to remind everyone that 75 years ago today history was made and blood shed as men made of sterner stuff than many today joined the fight to free Europe from tyranny.


Thursday Thoughts

Lever Actions for Self Defense

A fairly well written article. My personal preference for a pistol caliber lever gun is .44 Magnum because thanks to Cowboy Action Shooting lever guns in .357 Magnum carry a premium price.

Situational Awareness for Concealed Carry

I don’t know about you, but for me I’d rather not have to use the gun I’m carrying. Being situationally aware can help you avoid trouble, respond to it if necessary or escape it if need be.

Duncan v. Becerra

This will be a case to watch. If you haven’t heard a District Judge ruled California’s ban on standard capacity magazines unconstitutional. Inexplicably the 9th Circus let the injunction stand for a week before issuing a stay and halting what turned into a flood of thousands of standard capacity magazines into California. If this case makes it to the Supreme Court there’s a good chance this will end the silliness of restrictions on the number of rounds you can have in your defensive firearm.

Miguel over at Gun Free Zone has some highlights of what is a very well written opinion from the Judge in two parts. Highly suggested reading.

What to Do When You’re Overwhelmed by All the Terrible Events Going On In the World

This is a great article with some really great advice. Most importantly; “…for the love of all things cute and fluffy, avoid the comments section of any news piece you happen to read.” The irony the author asks readers to leave comments is not lost on me. However the comments on this site seem decent. I also spotted other links worth checking out.

There is No Such Thing as “Gun Violence”

Want some good arguments for you pro-rights tool box? Here you go.


Finally Friday


M&P 45C Modifications

Out of the box the M&P is a really decent gun with one exception. The trigger sucks! Now before I continue the word is they fixed the trigger issue with the 2.0 version. On my 1.0 version the trigger was gritty, creepy and entirely too heavy. So I ordered a Duty/Carry Action Enhancement kit from Apex Tactical. Maybe I was doing something wrong but installation wasn’t nearly as easy as their videos showed. However, I was able to get the kit installed. Having done the same work to a Glock I can say the Glock is easier to work on, but just because Glocks are easier to work on doesn’t make them the better pistol for me. I made the error of not checking the trigger pull weight with the stock parts, but afterwards it had a nice, crisp 6 pound 10 ounce trigger.

The next thing I replaced was the sights. While the stock sights are adequate I wanted something a little better, more visible and quicker to pick up. To that end I went with a rear sight from 10-8 Performance and a Fiber Optic front sight from Dawson Precision. I went with the Dawson Precision front sight because of their perfect impact policy. Not having to buy another sight if the first doesn’t work was very appealing.


At this point I have no other modifications planned for the gun, nor do I see any. Which is nice because I won’t be replacing a lot of components that I did on my old Glock. Instead that money will go to training, ammunition and range time.



Well I can honestly say I tried the Glock bandwagon, but I have fallen off and while I can see the appeal of the Glock it’s just not for me. The ergonomics are like holding a 2X4 and I just can’t shoot well with it. Additionally that block like grip doesn’t conceal very well.

So what did I go with? A revolver would have been preferable, but a fast reload and more than 6 rounds are a must. A 1911 style gun? I own plenty, but most have become collector’s pieces. Not what you want to risk having disappear into an evidence locker forever. I instead went with something that was both familiar and yet new.


When I chose the Glock this was the runner up and as it turns out a better choice. The Smith and Wesson M&P 45C. I need to get used to shooting a .45 again, (yes I hear you laughing) but for 18 rounds at 15 yards I don’t think I did too bad.


Those who know me will not be surprised to find out I did some work on the gun. More on that later.

Caliber Wars are Over the 9mm won! Long Live The .45 ACP! Wait, What?!

I’ve been trying to like the 9mm for the last 5 years the same goes for Glocks. Which I will say are well designed internally and a dream to work on. But both have been tried and found wanting.

Every time I’d hear someone expound on the benefits of a 9mm as a cartridge it sounded like they were trying to convince themselves they made the right choice. Maybe they have with all the advances in bullet construction, but if something goes wrong and the bullet doesn’t work as advertised you’re to the 9mm of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. No I would feel more confident with something designed to work no matter what and for that there is no other choice than the .45 ACP.

The Glock family of pistols are a dream to work on. You need very few tools and they’re easy to disassemble, reassemble and no hand fitting of parts. That’s the good thing about them. The bad thing is Gaston seems to have taken his idea of ergonomics from a lumber yard. Sure, you might be able to fix that with a grip mod, but you risk ruining your gun or paying the price all over again for a professional grip modification. If you like the Glock grip good for you, me I want something else.

For a time I debated going back to the 1911. I have a Colt CCO that is a great concealed carry piece and the 1911s ergonomics are excellent. At the same time that gun is a 1st generation CCO which means it’s collectible and similar models hit 4 figure price tag with ease. So that was out.

The most amusing thing is that in making my choice I actually came back to what I was considering five years ago when I picked up the Glock 19. I’ll discuss that choice tomorrow.


Finally Friday


Misogynists in the gun community? Say it isn’t so.

I’ve made no secret of my support for women shooters. Besides being excellent students and often better shooters than men, they bring a perspective to the community men often miss. Unfortunately there are some men who are more than uncomfortable with women in the community who do not conform to their “standards.”

Their most recent target appears to be American Gun Chick (AGC). AGC’s as it happened video blog chronicles a young woman growing from new shooter into a firearms instructor. She also has introduced some products that have caused some unneeded controversy (see her dust cover). Rather than cave to her detractors (seriously if you keep an open mind that product makes sense). AGC made a video calling out all of her haters on both sides and included some of the not so nice posts directed her way.

All I have to say is good for her. This is something we all need to learn from. AGC is not hurting us in any way, she is in fact serving as an ambassador to other new young women who want to get into shooting and look good while doing it. We need to encourage that. We also need to call out the haters, intolerance does not help us at all especially right now.

Here’s AGC’s video. I think she did a great job and seriously, she’s got some talent.


Finally Friday


Size Does Matter