Odd Story Coming Out of Paris

Allegedly there were some armed individuals at one of the ISIS attack sites. Not only that but they responded and prevailed against their attackers.

If this story proves true it illustrates several points at once.

  1. Those inclined to break the law will not be bound by it.
  2. In a rapid mass-murder attack active self-defense can work


The downfall of EOTech

If you’ve been paying any attention to industry news you know EOTech has gotten themselves in a lot of hot water over the durability of their sights. Now it appears that the US Government is suing the parent company, L3 Communications for fraud. Then in a move that should surprise no one the FBI has selected Aimpoint as their issue red dot sight.

As someone who really likes the EOTech circle dot reticle and has had no problem with an EOTech I really hope that L3 gets it’s act together, it’s product’s defects fixed and offers some form of recompense (preferably a working sight) to their current customers. In the meantime I have a sight I paid a lot of money for sitting on top of my safe relegated to range toy status (and I don’t own range toys) and an Aimpoint on my AR15.

Update: It appears L3 has settled the Federal lawsuit. No word on how or if regular consumers will be compensated.

The first weapon light?


There’s nothing I can say that hasn’t already been covered. Larry Correia covers most of it here, while Sebastian covers the arguments from the usual suspects in the anti-civil rights movement.

Get a compact trauma kit and the training on how to use it. Keep it nearby at all times. If you’re so inclined get tactical training, a CCW permit and keep that as legally handy as you can.

Rifle Aftermarket Dilemma Explained

If you pay attention to every accessory trend on the Internet you’ll spend enough to buy a tank, but you still won’t be able to shoot very well.

Could Concealed Carry Restore Sanity To Our College Classrooms?

In spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary it seems many leftists who inhabit college campuses are afraid of law-abiding citizens carrying concealed firearms. The professor in this story proclaims extreme anxiety to the level of hoplophobia over legally concealed firearms. Either he has no problem with illegally concealed firearms or he believes that his campus has an invisible field around it that disables firearms. This professor actually quit his job and expresses that other hoplophobic professors may stay away.

Considering those who may stay away usually adhere to the far left statist hostility to many of the individual rights guaranteed by the Constitution, one has to ask; why is this a bad thing?

FBI Selects 9mm

Via; The Firearm Blog

The FBI has released a request for proposal for new 9mm semiautomatic handguns, in four categories. The RFP lists these as full-size, compact, Simunition trainers, and inert but articulated “red gun” trainers

I still have a fondness for handgun rounds starting with .4, but I figured a long time ago that a 9mm with modern hollow points will serve me better. The FBI brings the science to that decision.