“Peaceful” Anti-Civil Rights Activists Arrested for Violent Attack

They beat a man until he went into seizures. Charges include aggravated assault, conspiracy, simple assault and disorderly conduct.

They can’t control their violent impulses, so they assume no-one can.

D.C. Attorney General to Appeal Concealed Carry Permits


I’m neither surprised nor upset by this. We need a definitive ruling from SCOTUS on this. Illinois almost went there last year but decide not to because of fears they may lose and highly restrictive CCW laws may be tossed. D.C. politicians OTOH are arrogant enough to try anyway.

More proof Anti-Civil Rights Activists Prefer Violence to Peace

By way of Joe Huffman we have this image.


You can read more about 594 and its competing resolution 591 here. Just know that Hanauer does not want 591 to pass and he’ll stand on the bodies of dead kids to make that a reality. Like most anti-civil rights legislation people like Hanauer push none of it will actually stop violence, instead it ensures those most likely to engage in acts of violence will be able to do so with impunity. The reason why they do this is quite simple, violent acts give them more graves to stand on and demand more infringement of basic civil rights all so they can gain more control over your lives.

Could this case mean nationwide CCW reciprocity?

Culp et al v. Madigan et al

Basically non-residents with CCW permits from their home states who have to be in Illinois for business reasons are disarmed by Illinois law. Since they have little chance of the legislature providing relief they have turned to the courts. Depending on how far this case goes I think there is a chance that a decision could be handed down that would bring full 14th Amendment protections to CCW permit holders.

5 Gunfighting Myths Debunked By Massad Ayoob

“The history of gunfighting is, when the fast and furious shooting starts, what we have on our person is all that we’re likely to have to fight with.”

Why we train

My opinion is things like this are the reason the founders of our nation wanted everyone to be armed and skilled at using those arms. We must all strive to ensure that if such evil ever appears in our nation the notion of “a rifle behind every blade of grass” is reality.

But that’s just my humble opinion.

This is an interesting find

Sight pictures of various historical military firearms.

Looking down some of those sights it’s amazing anyone could hit anything! I’m amazed I could hit anything with some of the ones there that I have fired.