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There are always people who are convinced there is a rational, polite, gentle and civilized way to stop a violent sociopath from raping their eye sockets.

We call these sensitive souls “Morons.”

Michael Z. Williamson

“Rape doesn’t justify murder”

In yesterday’s post about the presumably fake Brady Campaign image titled “Better to be raped than to kill your attacker” I stated that I had actually met people who believe and advocate this mindset. Just in case there was any doubt this was left in the comments:





Glock enters 1911 Market

Well… at least according to the “real journalists” at the New York Times.


Defining the American Left

Normally I try to keep broader coverage of the Simpering Sissies, Insipid Idjits, and Mutant Morons many of us know as the Democrat Party or American Left out of here. However, this points out what those of us who believe in all the Civil Rights guaranteed by our Constitution are up against. For brevity’s sake in the future I’ll probably stop calling Democrats Simpering Sissies, Insipid Idjits, and Mutant Morons and probably stop referring to them as the Party of American Defeat as well. Instead I’m going to swipe a term from Kim du Toit and call them Dem Cong

But I’m not going to define the American Left. I’m going to let Awad Nasir, one of Iraq’s best-known poets and a life-long Communist do it. “We heard from the United States and Western Europe that being Left meant being anti-American. So we were anti-American…” (link) And while American Warships are not welcome by leftists in San Francisco, French Warships are. Now, is that a case of total illogic, a slur against the French, or just a statement of treason?

Meanwhile we have Democrat leaders meeting with members of Outlawed organizations once notorious for assassinations and militant activity. While back home their supporters have their kids hunting fake cluster bombs instead of Easter eggs. I feel sorry for their children when we are treated to pearls of wisdom like this: “In these countries far away from here, kids find them and they look just like toys,” said Radia Daoussi, a Vineeta worker, holding up a ball covered in swirls of orange, blue and yellow clay. “If you saw this, wouldn’t you want to pick it up and play with it?” Miss Daoussi, does this look like a freaking kids toy to you? Perhaps you’re thinking of the infamous Butterfly Mine, I doubt it though as it was made by the Soviet Union. Another group that also taught Mr. Nasir that to be left meant to be anti-American.

While we’re engaged in the business of scaring our kids of the great boogieman of the United States let’s also whine and bellyache about putting up a statue of a fallen war hero in the city park. Why? Because the statue shows U.S. Navy S.E.A.L. and winner of the Navy Cross Danny Deitz holding a gun! More on this travesty here. I guess some people will have to quit going to the park because the image of someone who stood ready to defend them in the worst of conditions will cause them to soil themselves