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What Republican Control of Congress Could Mean for Gun Owners.

Miguel over at Gun Free Zone has a list. While I can understand wanting to repeal the NFA, I don’t see it happening yet. We may be able to remove suppressors from the NFA though and I would be all for that.

As for the items on Miguel’s list I am in agreement. We need national reciprocity on CCW as too many have fallen victim to the patchwork of laws and reciprocity agreements we currently have. Especially since some states, (Pennsylvania) have been known to change their reciprocity listing overnight. States that take a dim view of civil rights will try to oppose this, but I think it is something we will see either through legislation or the courts (maybe both).

Enacting the Coburn Amendment as is would blunt Dr. Cocteau’s Bloomberg’s plans to pass seemingly benign legislation through the state referendum process. See I-594 in Washington, that is not a simple background check. It criminalizes normal behavior. Illinois enacted something similar to the Coburn Amendment with its CCW law. You call a number at the State Police, input a prospective buyer’s ID and they simply tell you yes or no. No other details are passed. Doing something similar with NICS, both makes sense and allays fears of a Government firearms registry.

Finally strengthening and adding teeth to the FOPA is long overdue. I would suggest that this legislation include both criminal and civil penalties for those jurisdictions and officers directly that choose to abuse Gun Owners. Additionally measures should be taken to ensure the law is enforced to the fullest.

The biggest roadblock to this wishlist sits in an office at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to pass the legislation now because the debate will serve to educate the public. Then with a (hopefully) more civil-rights friendly Government after the next election getting these measures enacted should be easy.

“Peaceful” Anti-Civil Rights Activists Arrested for Violent Attack

They beat a man until he went into seizures. Charges include aggravated assault, conspiracy, simple assault and disorderly conduct.

They can’t control their violent impulses, so they assume no-one can.

Could this case mean nationwide CCW reciprocity?

Culp et al v. Madigan et al

Basically non-residents with CCW permits from their home states who have to be in Illinois for business reasons are disarmed by Illinois law. Since they have little chance of the legislature providing relief they have turned to the courts. Depending on how far this case goes I think there is a chance that a decision could be handed down that would bring full 14th Amendment protections to CCW permit holders.

Moms Demand Action: “Nazi’s are a great source of wisdom”


Deliberate or stupid, there’s no difference to the danger they (or the political groups that support them) represent to our liberties.

Why our freedoms matter

Shortly after the 9-11 attacks I commented that the best way to beat our enemy was to guard and increase our liberties not restrict them further. Recall that at this time guns were banned based on cosmetic features magazine capacity was (nationally) subject to an arbitrary limit and concealed carry laws had not spread to every state. In light of recent events I am more convinced than ever that we need to not only restore our rights we need to exercise them as well.

This article (subscription required) details possible methods and outcomes of a terrorist attack(s) on the United States. The Washington Times opines that having and exercising our right to bear arms is one way to ensure our safety. Monderno reports on a potential threat to soldiers and their families in their homes. Australia recently stopped an ISIS plot to abduct and behead Australian citizens.

This is not comforting news and barely scratches the surface of what terrorist groups are capable of. Granted not all threats can be stopped by armed citizens, but having a well armed citizenry makes it much more difficult to conduct hostile actions on American Soil. So if you don’t have your permit (and need one to carry), get one. If you do have one or don’t exercise your rights, start. Finally keep an eye on your elections Local, State and Federal. If a candidate does not support your right to keep and bear arms its a sure thing they think little of the rest of your liberties too.

Someone fixed the commercial. Gunsense saves lives

Update: Apparently MDA doesn’t like inconvenient truths so the abused DMCA to yank the video. Here’s another link.

Update #2 in case the second link gets taken down this video should survive.

Concealed Carry Permits Up, Violent Crime Down

We can debate correlation/causation till we’re blue in the face, that doesn’t change the fact that this is the exact opposite of what we were told would happen with the implementation of CCW.