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Finally Friday


M&P 45C Modifications

Out of the box the M&P is a really decent gun with one exception. The trigger sucks! Now before I continue the word is they fixed the trigger issue with the 2.0 version. On my 1.0 version the trigger was gritty, creepy and entirely too heavy. So I ordered a Duty/Carry Action Enhancement kit from Apex Tactical. Maybe I was doing something wrong but installation wasn’t nearly as easy as their videos showed. However, I was able to get the kit installed. Having done the same work to a Glock I can say the Glock is easier to work on, but just because Glocks are easier to work on doesn’t make them the better pistol for me. I made the error of not checking the trigger pull weight with the stock parts, but afterwards it had a nice, crisp 6 pound 10 ounce trigger.

The next thing I replaced was the sights. While the stock sights are adequate I wanted something a little better, more visible and quicker to pick up. To that end I went with a rear sight from 10-8 Performance and a Fiber Optic front sight from Dawson Precision. I went with the Dawson Precision front sight because of their perfect impact policy. Not having to buy another sight if the first doesn’t work was very appealing.


At this point I have no other modifications planned for the gun, nor do I see any. Which is nice because I won’t be replacing a lot of components that I did on my old Glock. Instead that money will go to training, ammunition and range time.