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Well I can honestly say I tried the Glock bandwagon, but I have fallen off and while I can see the appeal of the Glock it’s just not for me. The ergonomics are like holding a 2X4 and I just can’t shoot well with it. Additionally that block like grip doesn’t conceal very well.

So what did I go with? A revolver would have been preferable, but a fast reload and more than 6 rounds are a must. A 1911 style gun? I own plenty, but most have become collector’s pieces. Not what you want to risk having disappear into an evidence locker forever. I instead went with something that was both familiar and yet new.


When I chose the Glock this was the runner up and as it turns out a better choice. The Smith and Wesson M&P 45C. I need to get used to shooting a .45 again, (yes I hear you laughing) but for 18 rounds at 15 yards I don’t think I did too bad.


Those who know me will not be surprised to find out I did some work on the gun. More on that later.

Caliber Wars are Over the 9mm won! Long Live The .45 ACP! Wait, What?!

I’ve been trying to like the 9mm for the last 5 years the same goes for Glocks. Which I will say are well designed internally and a dream to work on. But both have been tried and found wanting.

Every time I’d hear someone expound on the benefits of a 9mm as a cartridge it sounded like they were trying to convince themselves they made the right choice. Maybe they have with all the advances in bullet construction, but if something goes wrong and the bullet doesn’t work as advertised you’re to the 9mm of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. No I would feel more confident with something designed to work no matter what and for that there is no other choice than the .45 ACP.

The Glock family of pistols are a dream to work on. You need very few tools and they’re easy to disassemble, reassemble and no hand fitting of parts. That’s the good thing about them. The bad thing is Gaston seems to have taken his idea of ergonomics from a lumber yard. Sure, you might be able to fix that with a grip mod, but you risk ruining your gun or paying the price all over again for a professional grip modification. If you like the Glock grip good for you, me I want something else.

For a time I debated going back to the 1911. I have a Colt CCO that is a great concealed carry piece and the 1911s ergonomics are excellent. At the same time that gun is a 1st generation CCO which means it’s collectible and similar models hit 4 figure price tag with ease. So that was out.

The most amusing thing is that in making my choice I actually came back to what I was considering five years ago when I picked up the Glock 19. I’ll discuss that choice tomorrow.


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