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Size Does Matter

Wheel Gun Wednesday

A fine collection of beauties.


I know better, but it happened to me anyway.

Having changed my EDC and relegated the Glock 19 to a nightstand gun I neglected the rapid access safe I kept it in. the other day I went to get the Glock out to go to the range.

Input code, light turns red, safe beeps six times, safe does NOT open. Grumble, open real gun safe, fish out key, close real gun safe, get a new battery, open rapid access safe, install new battery, test, it works.

Yes, like a dumbass I neglected to change the battery when I changed the rest of the batteries in the house. If I’d really needed it, I would have been screwed. Now I have a battery replacement checklist showing what, where, what battery type and when it was last changed* for every piece of critical equipment in the house.

*Some things I just test the battery. Smoke and CO detectors, weapons lights, and of course the rapid access safe get new batteries every year. My serious social purposes carbines have 50,000 hour sights so they get replaced every other year.


Right when I get ready to come back with a lot of stuff I get floored with a respiratory infection.

Going to have to start scheduling posts. More in a little while.