Armed Citizens Can Enhance Campus Security

Yesterday we looked at an article that viewed campus carry as a huge liability. Today I am here to discuss campus carry as an asset. So let’s look at ways armed citizens can enhance Campus security and safety.


The majority of people who carry tend to pay attention to their surroundings, they know how to recognize pre-attack indicators, and may (preferably should) even know how to recognize potential threats in the form of mass-shooters or terrorists. They are also more likely to report suspicious activity to the proper authorities. Contrary to popular myth those with permits tend to not view themselves as one man SWAT teams.


First I’ll reiterate that armed citizens are not supposed to be SWAT teams. That said they can be a useful resource to Police in numerous instances. If they witness a crime they can use their observation skills to gather information for the Police while alerting them to the issue. Preferably without putting themselves at risk.

If in the rare event there is an attack on Campus, armed citizens can protect those in their immediate area. This means sheltering or evacuating with the rest of the people in their area and only responding to an imminent threat if Law Enforcement is not in a position to immediately handle it. This is similar to the response John Parker Jr. made during the Umpqua attack in Oregon.

Finally armed citizens may be able to provide medical assistance in the case of a mass casualty event. I’ve long been an advocate of armed citizens getting trauma care training in case they or someone with them gets severely injured. Naturally it would be nice if more than armed citizens were able to help, but I feel they in particular have a duty to be willing and able to.

Fostering a Spirit of Cooperation

This is a tough one as armed citizens and some Police don’t always see eye to eye. However, that does not mean that doing community outreach for each other should not be attempted. Fund raisers, BBQs, free training opportunities (remember that Trauma training I mentioned?) and more should be conducted in a effort to get to know each other and build some trust between them.


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