Does Trump’s Win Spell Trouble for the Firearms Industry?

A headline in my news feed this morning proclaimed “Trump’s pro-Second Amendment platform could end gun sales boom.” Considering the volume and steady increase of sales during Obama’s presidency and Hillary’s (wrongly) foregone ascension to the Presidency I wouldn’t be at all surprised if firearms sales took a dip because people no longer feel the need to “get it now before it’s banned.”

The downside is this does mean manufacturers in the firearms business will take a hit. How big of one remains to be seen and whether or not they survive it will depend greatly on how well they prepared for this eventuality and/or how quickly and well they adapt to the change. The good news for us consumers is it means prices are likely to drop which increases the purchasing power of our strained budgets.

As consumers I think we should take this two-year respite and take stock of our current inventories, identify and fill gaps and keep up the fight for the mid-term elections. in 2018. We haven’t beaten the anti-civil rights groups down yet. At best we have stung them and they’re going to want revenge.

On a personal level this means more training classes and not just firearm shoot schools either. Medical and survival classes will be included as well. Additionally more spare parts and magazines will be purchased along with other items to help cope with emergencies. More time will also be spent focusing on local and state politics. We had a lot of turd level candidates at all levels this last time. Only by focusing on getting good people noticed by the electorate can we change that.

In conclusion, yes we likely narrowly dodged a bullet this time but now is not the time to relax. Like the old adage says: “The price of liberty is eternal vigilance.”

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