The Unremembered Guns

All too often the cognoscenti in the firearms community gets way too focused on the new hotness. If one looks around at the various magazines, You Tube videos and social media for advice on defensive hardware they will be bombarded with images of AR15s, Benellis, Sig Saur, Glock, Springfield XD and more. But what do they do if all they have is Grandpa’s old gun he brought back from the war, hunted deer with etc. and can’t afford anything else right now? Here’s the video that inspired this post from Clint Smith of Thunder Ranch:

What do you do when a student shows up to a class with one of these guns? Could you teach them how to use it? Would you? Sometimes we may need to venture outside of our comfort zone to help people be safe. Being prepared to help those who need to puts us a step ahead in the game.


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