The Folly of Gun Control Laws Manifests in Chicago

Chicago is known for two things to civil-rights activists; a hotbed of Gang violence and for being extremely hostile towards the private ownership of firearms. Now thanks to the recent trends of anti-police hostility, the people in Chicago are realizing that they are responsible for their personal safety.

Recently the Police Union in Chicago has begun urging its members to turn down non-mandatory overtime during Labor Day weekend. Overtime is something many officers use to supplement their pay, so this is not a light request by the Union. I do support the reasoning for making this call and hope the officers follow it.

The affected communities’ reaction to the news that Police presence will be much thinner over the long weekend could be described as panic. A few leaders realized that they have an option and that option is the armed citizen. So now they are making the call that every legally armed citizen turn out to protect their community over the Labor Day weekend.

Thing is those who are thinking about getting a firearm now will likely have to wait until after the holiday thanks to Illinois and Chicago’s drawn out process for obtaining permission to exercise a right that “shall not be infringed.” I do feel somewhat sorry for the people affected by this. At the same time their responsibility in creating this situation by electing representatives who favor anti-civil rights policies cannot be ignored.

Let’s hope the lessons from Labor Day weekend are remembered come November.


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