Quote Of The Day

Before we get into the QOTD I need to get something out there for you. Many years ago someone I care deeply about was hurt badly by a gay man, she suffered years of abuse before she managed to get away and likely still carries at least some emotional if not physical scars from that time. The fact I was not in a position to help is something I regret to this day. Thinking about it today still causes the cold detachment reserved for criminal investigations to settle in. But I can’t blame all gays for what he did, I personally know gays who would put their lives on the line to help someone in her position.

At the same time the man who taught me the most about standing up for what you believe in was in fact gay. He was also deeply religious and believed homosexual relationships to be a sin. As such he lived a celibate life. In spite of this he was still discriminated against by members of his church and community for being gay. He never wavered though and was a constant presence at his church and community events. Even if they would not allow him to directly help he was also a huge supporter of youth programs. But enough about that on to the quote.

Many pro-gun, anti-LGBT bigots have also had their eyes opened and minds broadened by the events in Orlando. What once seemed like a sociopolitical impasse has been climbed over and conquered. For many “traditional conservatives,” it no longer matters who you love or what you do behind closed doors, because they’ve been awakened — like so many in the LGBT community — to the fact that the freedom to be is more important than the freedom to be gay or straight or otherwise. The latter freedoms are redundant, shielded under the umbrella of defense of the former. It should never take a tragedy to make intelligent people see the fragile nature of their freedom, nor should it take death and destruction to make folks put aside unimportant differences in deference to the only thing that truly matters. But the tragedy’s happened, and tragedies always will. We of all colors and creeds and genders and beliefs that comprise Gun Culture 2.0 merely hope everyone can learn from it.

Please go and read the whole thing. I do understand if you disagree with their lifestyle on religious grounds. I hope you acknowledge that they still have the right to basic human right to self-defense. Whether you choose to actively support that is up to you and you should not be judged for it no matter which you choose.


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