Daily Archives: June 10, 2016

Evaluate Gear Objectively and Avoid the Gear Race

Today Tam (and if you’re not following her on social media you should be) posted that she was ditching the Crimson Trace products on her Glock that had served her so well on her S&W M&P because of how they changed the ergonomics of the Glock. This was not a decision made because there was something neat and new on the market. In fact as of this writing I do not know if she has chosen a replacement or if she even will. This decision was made after (painful) hands on evaluation. Which is how it should be.

Now, most of us lack the budget to buy a lot of things to try and probably aren’t in a good position to get evaluation samples either. That leaves it to us to find trusted sources who are objective in their evaluations (yes, I consider Tam one of those) and hopefully a retail outlet that will let us try the product or has a generous return policy. The objective sources help us narrow our choices and trying them lets us know if they work for us. The other thing is we need to ask ourselves some questions prior to dropping our money.

First are we buying because it’s a fad we want to follow or is it to address a legitimate need? Second are we addressing an issue or buying things in hopes it makes us a better shooter? Finally do we have something that will already do the job?

Following fads, buying gear to make you a better shooter when you can’t hit what you’re aiming at already and buying things you don’t need won’t do you any favors. It will definitely cut into your practice ammo budget.