Select Tools You Can Use

Rob Pincus ran into another sub-compact Kimber in one of his classes with predictable results. Naturally the comments go south as the ardent disciples of John Browning make their appearance. I like Rob’s solution, bring it to a class and if your sub-compact 1911 goes all the way through without failing your class is free. I don’t know that he’s had any takers. But I do know no one has managed that feat yet.

The Importance of Selecting the Proper Tool for the Job

For those who don’t want to read the thread here is the cliff notes. The shooter’s sub-compact Kimber .45 was set up perfectly for a right-hander. The problem is the shooter is a lefty and the gun had no way for a lefty to disengage the safety without engaging in some interesting manipulations. Besides the gun having notorious reliability issues it wasn’t even configured properly for the person who was going to be using it.

When choosing a firearm please look for the following; reputation for reliability, ease of use, ability to hit your target and comfortable to hold. My personal choice in this regard was a Glock 19, it’s not pretty but it will work and I have no problem hitting what I’m aiming at. Lately I’ve been thinking about going to something with more traditional lines like a CZ or 3rd generation S&W, but the Glock keeps checking the boxes.


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