The Revolver is Dead, Long Live the Revolver!

The Firearm Blog has raised the recurring question of “Are Revolvers Obsolete?” It’s  a legitimate question that bears asking from time to time. However, I think the answer will always be “no.” This isn’t because it is still capable of keeping up with demands LE, Military and most armed citizens place on their gear. That world is dominated by semi-automatic pistols usually with polymer frames. It’s because there is a niche that semi-automatics will have a difficult time filling. The need for a “packing pistol.”

The ability to chamber heavy rounds like .44 Magnum and .45 Long Colt is something semi-automatics just can’t to without being excessively heavy and having a very large grip. Revolvers on the other hand can have smaller grips and if desired be loaded with more than one type of round. For example snake shot when in snake country followed up by rounds for other predators one may encounter.

So long as men and women venture off the beaten path and have a need for carrying the tools of self-defense the revolver will likely never be obsolete. Instead it will enjoy a long life even if it is among a niche group of loyal users.

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