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Your Gun Won’t Save You From A Bomb

But Your Mindset Might

Everyone is already talking about the ISIS attack so this will pretty much be a link dump, but there’s one point being made I really want to emphasize. If the attack is via a bomb your gun is more likely than not to be worthless! Granted if you spot the in advance you might be able to stop them with a CNS shot before they detonate it, but while that happens it is a rare occurrence. Most likely if you are unlikely to be in an area that suffers a bomb attack you will either be killed instantly, injured severely or left to deal with the aftermath.

There’s not much that can be done for option one other than to have made your peace and have life insurance for your surviving family. However, if you survive the initial blast you might be able to live through the aftermath and maybe save lives while you’re doing it. All it take is some prior preparation and planning.

The first thing you will want to do is get some trauma care training. This is different from your average Red Cross training course. Real trauma training covers the severe injuries one might see in a terrorist attack, meaning amputated limbs, popped eye sockets, open abdominal cavities etc.

Next, carry a trauma kit. My personal favorites are the ITS Tactical EDC Trauma Kit and the Patrol Officer’s Pocket Trauma Kit by Rescue Essentials. A third option (that I haven’t tried) is the Tactical Ankle Medical Kit also by Emergency Essentials. These kits are small, easy to carry (I did have to re-pack the Patrol Officer’s Kit) and cover the barest of essentials.

Finally, have a plan. When I’m out and about I constantly run scenarios in my head of “if X happens how should I respond?” You may not want to do that all the time, but spend some time thinking about how you should react on occasion. If you have a partner who is on board with your preparations go over it with the. They likely have thought of something you haven’t.

For more information o dealing with bomb attacks please read this article by Greg Ellifritz: “Armed Citizen Response to the Terrorist Bomber