New CCW Revolver Introduced at SHOT

Those who know me well know that I am a huge fan of revolvers. While the first centerfire handgun I fired was a 1911, my first handgun was a .357 Magnum revolver. In fact I think that if I kept better track of rounds down range I would find that after 30 years of shooting I have only just become to close the gap between the rounds fired out of a revolver and a semi-auto pistol.

When I saw the announcement of the Kimber K6s revolver my curiosity was piqued. Could it be we finally have something that will fill the niche left empty by the demise of the Colt Cobra/Detective Special and 6 Shot .357 K Frame S&W pistols? It’s really hard to tell at this point so I’ll wait on folks like Mas Ayoob and Grant Cunningham to weigh in. Even then I don’t think I am likely to get one any time soon.

To add some more data to the mix I compared the K6s to my prized Custom Model 65. Granted my Model 65 has a 3″ vs. a 2″ barrel so that will add a little bit more weight, but with the Model 65 tipping the scales at 31.8 ounces to the K6s’ 23 ounces (the 2″ Ruger SP101 weighs 26 ounces) The Model 65 is also a bit thicker at 1.418 inches.

Based on the weight alone I can tell this is a revolver that will definitely get your attention when you fire it. However at ten ounces heavier than the airweight J Frame it will still be manageable. In fact I seem to recall Clint Smith of Thunder Ranch advocating that the all steel J frame, which the K6s matches, is a good option for those wanting a small revolver that is still manageable for self-defense.

Does Kimber have a winner? Time will tell, but it’s definitely something new and unexpected out of SHOT this year that is worth watching. If you like or are interested in wheel guns.


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