Cautiously Optimistic for the New Year

You would think that those who support civil rights wouldn’t have a reason to be optimistic as 2015 comes to a close, The President is threatening more anti-civil rights executive orders to curtail American’s rights to defend themselves, Candidates on the left are calling for more gun control and one is even advocating SWATing gun owners. Calls are coming from all over to restrict the basic human right of self-defense. Supreme Court rulings, common sense etc. be damned. However when one peeks behind the curtain they’ll see all of these people are screaming in an ever shrinking echo chamber.

The general public has seen the terrorist attacks in Paris, France and San Bernardino, California. If they have been paying attention they will also be aware of the attempted terrorist attack in Garland, Texas where the terrorists were met with immediate armed resistance and wound up the only ones dead in the attack. Even if they aren’t they have decided that safety is not through more gun control as the President claims, but through preparing to meet the enemy with immediate, lethal force. Firearm sales are set to break previous records this year with Thanksgiving weekend seeing enough purchases to outfit the Marine Corps and four US Army divisions. Concealed carry permit applications are also on the rise with many jurisdictions seeing increases of 100% or more.

Even polling is going against the anti-rights activists as the NRA polls more favorable than the President or Congress. Other polls show the public is not in favor of banning guns with cosmetic features anti-rights activists claim make then deadly assault weapons and research shows such laws are ineffective at stopping crime. Finally the polls show more people believe that concealed carry is the best way to make America safer, not gun control.

This is not to say it’s time to pop a cold one, sit back and ride the wave to victory. We still have to get out there and fight every day, we have to shine a light on the positive and point out the lunacy of the anti-rights activists. I’m hoping with their continued calls for restricting civil-rights that they bring themselves to a crushing defeat in November. However the only way to guarantee that is for us to keep getting the pro-rights message out. Then we have to translate that to actually voting. If we do that 2016 will be a very interesting year.

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