Gun Control Will Not Protect You

Regarding the recent attacks in San Bernardino, I’ve been waiting as more information comes in and right now enough exists that I think some analysis can be done.

First I agree with this assessment by Nicki over at The Liberty Zone. This has all appearances of premature Jihad detonation. if you look at everything they left in the home, and the state of their equipment found at the scene where they were killed the attack on the office party it just seems rushed.

We now know that the male terrorist had performed reconnaissance of several schools in their area.  Combine that with ammunition found at the final scene that was still in stripper clips (used for rapidly reloading magazines). As well as the large number of pipe bombs to include a remotely detonated device left at the first scene presumably to injure and slow first responders.

I believe it’s reasonable to assume their original plans were to rapidly attack one location with gunfire and explosives. Remotely detonate the device to add to the confusion, draw more first responders to the location as well as slow their movement down. Then go attack more sites using the same methods. Possibly with more than one team based on witness reports from their neighborhood. I agree with Nicki that his temper got the better of him and he and his wife went early on the Christmas Party and the planned attack got pooched in the process.

Now, why gun control won’t save you. First all gun control did that day was ensure that anyone who follows the law at the site of the attack was disarmed*. Second none of the proposed measures would have hindered the attack because they were already the law in California. Even a Federal ban would not have worked as the guns could have been obtained illegally and smuggled in. Only an armed response would have had a chance of reducing casualties.

If you really want to worry consider this. He was a health inspector with access to school cafeterias, restaurants and grocery stores. She worked in a Pharmacy. They didn’t need guns and explosives to do a lot of damage.


*There was a lawfully armed citizen near the site of the shooting and he did the right thing by not rushing to the scene with his gun. More on why later.

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