The downfall of EOTech

If you’ve been paying any attention to industry news you know EOTech has gotten themselves in a lot of hot water over the durability of their sights. Now it appears that the US Government is suing the parent company, L3 Communications for fraud. Then in a move that should surprise no one the FBI has selected Aimpoint as their issue red dot sight.

As someone who really likes the EOTech circle dot reticle and has had no problem with an EOTech I really hope that L3 gets it’s act together, it’s product’s defects fixed and offers some form of recompense (preferably a working sight) to their current customers. In the meantime I have a sight I paid a lot of money for sitting on top of my safe relegated to range toy status (and I don’t own range toys) and an Aimpoint on my AR15.

Update: It appears L3 has settled the Federal lawsuit. No word on how or if regular consumers will be compensated.

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