Why the Badger Guns Verdict is a Pro-2nd Amendment Victory

I’m seeing far too many posts on the recent Badger Guns ruling from the pro-gun side that are more appropriate on the pages of Salon, HuffPo, politifact etc. wailing about the ruling being a blow to our rights. Either the authors are mis-informed, lying for increased traffic (click baiting), or stupid.

We’ll start with the sale of the gun used to shoot the two officers:

In the Badger Guns case, there was video showing the straw purchase. Jurors saw evidence of the buyer struggling with the forms, and the man who shot the officers pointing to a gun, saying, “That’s the one that I want.”

Folks, when one guy picks out the gun and another person with him goes to fill out the forms that is a blatant straw purchase. It is the legal responsibility of the person working the counter to stop the sale right there. The PLCAA specifically exempts lawsuits involving criminal negligence. Based on the video alone Badger Guns is going to be held culpable in this lawsuit. Add that to the store being the source of hundreds of crime guns and the place “where everyone went to get guns” according to the person who shot the officers and you need to question your motives if you don’t agree with this verdict.

The only question now is why no one at Badger Guns was arrested for violating Federal Law.

One response to “Why the Badger Guns Verdict is a Pro-2nd Amendment Victory

  1. This is one of those many laws THAT ARE ALREADY ON THE BOOKS! We don’t need more gun laws, we need the ones we have enforced.