And here we go again

Another mass murder event has occurred and the usual anti-civil rights activists wasted no time climbing on top of the bodies to espouse their failed agendas that made the shooter’s efforts much easier. Now we will spend some time debunking the anti-civil rights propaganda that even the Sheriff in the area effected says is bull with solid facts that we don’t even have to look up anymore. Thanks to Larry Correia articulating them here (note that the post is three years old and still debunks your tired bullshit).

As for me I’m done playing nice, I’m done debating the issue, I don’t care who you are if you spout the same anti-civil rights bullshit I’m going to either call you an idiot or a statist control freak and continue on my way. If you make me sit through an active shooter response seminar that doesn’t include smoke checking the asshole murdering people I’m going to call you an enabler of mass murder and walk out.

I’m tired of being told my Constitutionally guaranteed rights endowed by my creator are the problem. We’ve tried that dance and it hasn’t worked. What does work is someone exercising those rights to end the threat. You want me to give up my rights because of something one person out of millions did? Go to hell. I’m done with you.


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