September 11, 2001 – I Remember

I won’t bore you with the details, but I vividly remember that day. Looking back I am ashamed that my country failed to react the way it should have. See I grew up around a lot of World War II veterans and their families. I recall their few stories of how they felt after December 7, 1941 and the actions they took crushing a fanatical enemy who saw victory in death in  just a few years. Yes, they did things that would horrify the effete members of the media, society and the political class, but they won and won decisively. Additionally instead of spiking the ball and going home we rebuilt our former enemy and turned them into an ally. Their fanatical ideology a relic of history.

I fully expected to see 9-11 generate a similar result, but instead over two administrations we saw limited war and hearts and minds campaigns. Strategic blunders that made taking and holding ground more dangerous than it should be. Rules of engagement that put our people at unnecessary risk and feckless leadership unwilling to truly conduct the nasty business of fighting a war. Even worse I saw fellow country men who would do anything to give the victory to our enemies.

In the coming months as we head to the polls I will only have one thought, the same one I have had since that day. “Who on this ballot is willing to do what is necessary to crush our enemies?” The dead will not rest in my mind until those responsible can no longer harm innocents. Future generations face endless war if we don’t act decisively and soon.


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