QOTD: Travis Haley

Since I’m sick of the news (saying All lives matter) I thought I would make my own for today:

Black lives matter= wrong
Latino lives matter= wrong
White lives matter= wrong
Asian lives matter= wrong
Cops lives matter= wrong
All lives matter= wrong

People need to stop worrying about other people’s lives and who they think matter, that is a fundamental problem with this country. The larger issue at hand is people not realizing WE are the only ones responsible for making OUR OWN LIVES matter in society.

If a Black, Latino, White, Asian, Cop etc… contributes to society his or her life matters. If that person does not contribute to society and is a lowlife, racist, bottom sucking thug then his or her life does NOT matter. If a law-enforcement officer contributes to society than his or her life matters, if he or she is a greedy, corrupt, racist cop in a wolves clothes then their life does NOT matter.

Make your own life matter in our society and watch people automatically grow and come together. Pick a side and you will help contribute to the continued destruction of this country.

-Travis Haley

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