The stupid is strong with this anti-rights cultist

This bed wetting Beta Male’s anti NRA/Gun screed titled “What your NRA sticker says about you” didn’t go as planned. Already he has edited the post with the usual litany of “I grew up around guns” and on his Facebook page “I’m not anti-gun, I’m anti-gun massacre” (you can find the ling on his blog page if you bother to go there, I wouldn’t). He also yammers about his respect for “responsible gun owners” which for some odd reason his unspoken definition excludes all NRA members. All of which means he’s been outed as an anti-rights cultist, knows it and is trying to cover his tracks.

Guns Save Life has a great piece on the train wreck here, and the best fisking I’ve seen can be found at The Liberty Zone.



Apparently the heat was too much and the coward nuked (or made private) his social media accounts. You’ll have to go to The Liberty Zone to see what was said.

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