QOTD: Student of the Gun

If there is a useful takeaway or lesson to be learned from this vicious criminal act, it is this; the Victim State produces vile and verminous monsters like our boy, Excrement. When you fully embrace victimization you abdicate all responsibility for your own actions. Nothing is your fault. Every action you take can be excused by your victim status. As we have seen it played out on a national stage, when you don the clothes of the perfect victim, your sick and twisted mind can justify anything, even the murder of innocent people.

Finally, what is most insidious and should trouble you more than all else in the fact that those who should be rejecting the mindset and actions of Excrement are not. Instead, we see a full blown diversionary campaign, a plan to deflect the blame from the black, gay, Obama supporter and instead to blame and inanimate object and by extension the millions of people who own these objects and do no harm.

These murders were planned over a long period of time. Not one law proposed would have prevented it. It was an act of evil, and the only way to stop evil is to destroy it before it can do harm. Which is not always possible.


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