This analysis of the rise in rapid mass murder events in theaters may make you re-think going to the theater. I’d like to emphasize the traits of favorable targets Mr. Borsch lists. Because not only are these locations prime targets of psychopaths looking for instant celebrity status, they also make good targets for terrorists. After all they both want the same thing, a high body count (bold comments mine).

  • Preference for where the law, rule or signs forbid the honest law-abiding to carry firearms, the alleged “Gun-Free” zones, (only “Utopians” believe these areas are gun-free).
  • Location: Similar to a theater, school room, office complex, Etc., anywhere a large number of unarmed defenseless victims are located
  • Access: Easy in and out. The multiplex theaters have their own emergency exits directly outside for each theater, (an important MO consideration for the CO and LA murderers escape plan). [suicidal terrorists will also look for easy to control exits or ways to block all but one leading those inside into a suicide funnel.]
  • Soundproofing factor: Either by design or coincidence, locations such as schools, office complexes and especially movie theaters, have degrees of sound proofing that make hearing gunfire a distance away difficult or impossible to hear over ambient noise.

Go and read the whole thing, share with your friends and work to end these zones of victims.


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