A .25 ACP for Self Defense?!

Oleg Volk makes a case for it here. My first introduction to the .25 ACP was when two friends in Law Enforcement were shot on separate occasions with one. One after receiving multiple hits to the chest plucked them out of his leather jacket. The other has to have the bullet that struck him in the ankle removed from his hip. Before anyone asks it was a cheap gun that fired when it hit the pavement. So it was aimed up. The next time it came across my radar was when someone called the owner of the gun shop I worked in looking for one for his wife (the .25 has long been considered a lady’s gun). The owner asked him how good his divorce lawyer was under the premise that if his wife ever found out what the inexpensive (he was looking for a Jennings) under powered gun wasn’t capable of she’d leave him.

While I personally have no use for the cartridge. I can see where it may be useful to some. At the very least it will give you an object of some weight to beat someone with after you’ve emptied it. If you’ve inherited a Beretta or Baby Browning and it’s all you have or can get it is better than a harsh word.

I won’t be adding a .25 ACP to my safe. I’m content with the sub compact 9mm I have that my tailor has cut suits for that make it disappear. But for others the .25 might just be their best chance.


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