Daily Archives: July 23, 2015

FBI: ISIS Recruiting in all 50 States

If you want to talk to a terrorist, they’re right there on Twitter Direct Messaging for you to communicate with,” Comey said. That message resonates with troubled souls, he said. The FBI’s job is to locate the people in the 50 states that are receptive to the ISIL message and stop them from committing domestic terrorism.

But don’t worry…

He said “dozens” of U.S. citizens between ages 18 to 62 have traveled to the Middle East to join ISIL. “We have a reasonable handle on it,” he said.

Now the FBI may be stopping a dozen attacks a day, but it only takes one to slip through and cause devastation. The only way to have a chance to minimize the damage is for every citizen to stand ready.

Are you prepared?


DoD Views Volunteer Armed Civilian Guards as a Threat

I agree with the DoD on this one. As much as I like the idea of civilians grabbing their weapons and rushing to the defense of our forced to be defenseless military. This actually creates another vector of attack on our service members that could be worse than the previous one. I’m reluctant to discuss the particulars here just in case someone hasn’t thought of it yet, but I do agree we need to do something.

What we can do:

1. Make a lot of noise. The President (yeah I know deaf ear), Congress, your Governor and Legislature should be getting letters, e-mails and phone calls from you calling for arming our military against asymmetric threats world wide and ending as many victim disarmament zones as possible.

2. Stay vigilant. If you see something that seems off make note of it and if you think it’s warranted report it.

3. Be prepared to act. If statistics are to be believed 1 in 3 Americans own a firearm but only 1 in 20 have a concealed carry permit. Get your permit encourage others to do the same and for God’s sake, carry! Additionally get medical training, basic first aid is OK but a trauma class is better. Keep a kit handy at all times. You can get a basic kit for around $20.

4. Train. Attend a course; shooting and medical course are the bread an butter, but if you get the chance try to attend some on counter terrorism or counter surveillance as well. Anything to give you an edge.

Gear, Don’t Over Do it

I’m pretty sure we’ve all got at least one gadget we bought for a gun languishing in a box somewhere where we hope it will never be discovered. The modular nature of the AR15 is a big contributor to this as is the tendency to always want to have the latest and greatest gizmo attached.

The first thing you should do is ask yourself “why am I getting this?” If what you have works you probably don’t need it. If it’s to help you shoot more accurately I’d suggest range time. That’s not to say you shouldn’t get a light, laser or good sight for your pistol. Or that optics for a your carbine are not a good idea. Just that you should be sure why you’re buying it before you do.