I don’t even know where to begin with this.

Well actually I do, anti-rights cultists are still stinging over being forced to implement concealed carry in Illinois because not allowing it was a violation of civil rights. Something conveniently left out of this amateurish article. The article is a litany of infringements that they feel are necessary regardless of Constitutionality or effectiveness. All of the usual wish list items are there including no private sales ( in spite of there being a mechanism for citizens to verify the legal status of the buyer), presumably because they want all firearms registered. Confiscation of firearms through a ‘gun violence protective order’  without due process, increased training requirements (gun owners had to sue to get a range to train at in Cook County think this won’t be abused either?)

Another curious omission is the murder they mention in Schaumberg Illinois. I can’t find any information on the case and none is provided other than the location, but the author of the piece does not inspire confidence when he states “a woman was killed by her boyfriend who she had filed a restraining order against. In a situation like such, his FOID card should have been revoked, but he was still legally able to buy a gun before that and kill her.” I’m not sure what he wants with this statement. Does he think that the State Police should employ clairvoyants and gypsies with crystal balls to divine who might become violent later? Then he calls for an immediate seizure of firearms once a protective order is issued. Again violating due process and opening the door for the system to be abused to disarm potential victims. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that IF this murder occurred the boyfriend was known to police and likely a prohibited person already. Meaning no FOID was ever involved.

This is the fight Illinois gun owners and civil rights supporters face every day. When not dealing with the mis-informed they are left fighting the willfully ignorant. In the most extreme cases they have to try to counter outright liars to whom nothing short of full citizen disarmament would be acceptable.


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