Why I won’t be getting a Glock 43

The long awaited and begged for single stack 9mm Glock has finally arrived. I expect it to be an excellent performer in all categories, but I have no intention of buying one. At least not yet.

The main reason is one of economy. A while back I was in need of a single stack 9mm and of course the Glock 43 was not on the radar yet. So instead I picked up a Kahr CM9 and all the necessary supporting gear and it was performed with boring reliability (just like I suspect the Glock will). So how do the 2 guns stack up? The following table will show you.

GLOCK 43 Kahr CM9
Caliber 9mm 9mm
Capacity 6 6
Overall Length 6.26” 5.42″
Overall Width 1.02” .90″
Overall Height 4.25” 4.0″
Barrel Length 3.39” 3.0″
Weight (unloaded) 16.19 oz. 15.9 oz.

As you can see the Kahr is slightly smaller, lighter, yet offers the same capacity as the Glock. I have yet to shoot a Glock 43 so I don’t know how this relates to in terms of performance, but I do know that the Kahr CM9 shoots just as well as my Glock 19. It just needs to be reloaded more often.

Next is the cost of switching platforms. First is the cost of spare magazines (rough guess is that they will run about $35 each). Then there is the cost of a holster at around $150 and a Laser Sight at $240. As you can see the cost of supporting a new platform is more than double the estimated retail cost of the G43.

So there you have it. It’s a question  of cost that leads to my choice. I may eventually switch to a Glock 43 but I don’t have any compelling reason to do so right now.


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