As Predicted; ATF out to ban ALL 5.56 NATO Ammuntion

“Any 5.56 round” is “a challenge for officer safety,” he said. Jones asked lawmakers to help in a review of a 1986 bill written to protect police from so-called “cop killer” rounds that largely exempted rifle ammo like the 5.56 because it has been used by target shooters, not criminals.

The reality of the situation is that there isn’t a rifle round out there I am aware of that won’t penetrate your standard officer’s vest as most are rated to stop  9mm or .357 Magnum. Some will go up to .44 Magnum, but at increased weight and discomfort. For rifle proof vests officers would have to strap on 10 to 15 pounds of ceramic plates like our soldiers in Afghanistan.

Banning a popular round for the most popular rifle in America will be the proverbial camel’s nose under the tent that the anti-civil rights activists have been trying to get in place for a long time. Do not think this is out of ignorance. The anti-rights faction is well aware that rifle rounds pass through soft vests with ease. Once they get one banned under this guise the rest follow and with it the arms to use them. An added benefit is this will greatly reduce hunting nationwide a goal many anti-rights activists share with anti-hunters.

Fortunately such a ban may be difficult without Congressional approval. The last attack to ban ammunition via administrative fiat may have been able to work had it not gained so much attention. However this does not mean we can relax, in fact we must be more vigilant than ever. We must also engage in education outreach to both the general public and legislators regarding rifle bullets and what they do. Finally we must push for stronger legislative protections against administrative bans as was recently tried.  Yes, we have the Second Amendment but courts are still either outright ignoring or pushing the boundaries of the Heller and McDonald decisions. So it would be best to have a comprehensive approach rather than take a chance something may slip through.


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