US Army Rejects Modernized M9 (my guess on the replacement)

Details over at Obviously this will generate a lot of internet traffic as everyone speculates what the new handgun may be. There will be calls for a return to the 1911, moving forward to the popular Glock, going domestic with the M&P or this all might be one big waste of money and the M9 may continue on.

If I were to speculate myself I would wager a new handgun for the military may be something like the Sig Sauer P250 or P320. These pistols are truly modular and can be easily re-configured into anything from a full-size service pistol to a subcompact concealed carry powerhouse. Will Sig get the contract? I have no idea, I just think that if they are looking for a truly modular handgun Sig already has one. Whatever gets picked I hope it has the same modularity as the AR series of rifles. Such a system could revolutionize the civilian market as well.


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