A telling quote from the anti-rights activists behind I-594

The backers of I-594 are anticipating a legal challenge to the initiative. “We expect them to use the courts to overturn the people’s choice,” Brown said.

People in the know are fairly confident that I-594 runs afoul of both the State and Federal Constitution and the above quote seems to affirm that the supporters know that too. They just want to see if they can get away with it. After all they have one goal “Just wait for the next initiative and you all will be shooting those nerf guns.” Their next goal after that is far more unpleasant and what normally follows after a hated class of citizens is disarmed.

Besides the fact that a legal challenge will be much better for those of us who want to protect civil rights the anti-rights activists and their Billionaire backers may have once again pushed too far. The last time was 1994 and that ended rather poorly for them. As Weer’d puts it: “Now let’s look at the national scene. Overall for the nation I see this as GOOD! What was the turning point of the gun control debate in America? It was the 1994 Assault Weapons ban. People got hurt and attacked, and they fought back. This law will be a rallying cry and social experiment on the failures of gun control.


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