Stay Issued in D.C. Carry Case

In a move that surprises no one, the order requiring D.C. to allow the bearing of arms outside the home has been stayed. The city asked for 180 days, the Judge gave them 90. Now D.C. is faced with the same dilemma Illinois was faced with recently.

1. They can appeal and run the risk of the issue landing in front of the Supreme Court which could invalidate a lot of state concealed carry laws. (There was a LOT of political pressure for Illinois NOT to do this).

2. They can try to implement a very expensive and restrictive permit process in an attempt to appease the court, which may fail and land them in front of TSCOTUS.

3. They can un-fornicate themselves and pass a shall issue permit with reciprocity.

4. The can trow a Hail Mary and go Constitutional Carry. Hail Mary because they would likely be hoping a lot of people mis-behaved so they can pass more restrictive laws.

Place your bets, strap in and hang on. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.


One response to “Stay Issued in D.C. Carry Case

  1. Just like armed guards people carrying guns in public should be required to have insurance that covers all who may be injured. At least guards have defined jobs.