On Being Consistent Pt II

In our last segment I talked about the dilemma faced when I found myself with two carry pistols with different reloading methods. The solution was to modify one to work like the other. Since there is no known modification to make the Kahr reliable (not that I experienced any issues) by using the slingshot method I looked instead to the Glock. While Glock has in interesting extended slide release, I wanted something a little less obtrusive. The solution was a slide stop designed by Larry Vickers and sold by Tango Down. This slide stop isn’t prone to accidental activation, but is just large enough to make activating it during the reloading process a breeze. I’ve had it in place for about 1000 rounds now and have had no problems with it. Now both of my pistols reload the same and if something goes wrong I can still revert to the slingshot method if need be.


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