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Someone fixed the commercial. Gunsense saves lives

Update: Apparently MDA doesn’t like inconvenient truths so the abused DMCA to yank the video. Here’s another link.

Update #2 in case the second link gets taken down this video should survive.

Mom’s Demand Action, Everytown/Bloomberg’s Pro-Gun Commercial

Those who know me are well aware that the part of me that causes people to feel empathy is dead and buried. No one knows why it’s just the way things are. However, there is one thing that will still cause a deep seated emotional reaction and that is domestic violence. All too often people find themselves in an abusive relationship that is very difficult to escape from. If they do manage to escape the prevailing ‘wisdom’ from support groups is to get a restraining order with the implication that a apiece of paper will keep an abuser at bay.

The sad reality is that the only thing a restraining order really does is give the police and Prosecutors something to put the abuser in prison for after they violate it. Something that in my experience is rarely done. So instead of being protected the victim is given a false sense of security often with disastrous results.

The commercial from Bloomberg and paid shills shows one such disastrous result only it uses a gun. The implication is that stricter laws would protect the abused woman and keep guns away from the abuser. The reality is not only does existing and the proposed law not work, the abuser doesn’t need a gun to kill or seriously injure his weaker victim. Instead such laws can be used to disarm the victim leaving them vulnerable. As an aside I know of one case personally where a stalker sought and obtained a restraining order against their victim disarming them for two weeks (that they wisely spent in hiding) until the court held a full review of the order.

I won’t link to the commercial here but will show one illustrating a better outcome. This one is from Glock and stars Courtney Hope and R. Lee Ermey

The message in this commercial compared to the one from Bloomberg is not lost on the panel over at The View as three out of four agree that having the means to defend yourself in such situations is crucial to one’s survival.

When it comes to domestic violence I agree with Colonel Jeff Cooper who said: “…I would like very much to ensure—and in some cases I have—that any man who offers violence to his fellow citizen begets a whole lot more in return than he can enjoy.” Coming from a man this message may be lost on the abused women out there, that is why it is important that we not only get more women involved in the shooting sports but that we also nurture more female instructors like the Cornered Cat’s Kathy Jackson. With more people like her, we can make a real difference and not just offer meaningless platitudes and pieces of paper.

Stay Issued in D.C. Carry Case

In a move that surprises no one, the order requiring D.C. to allow the bearing of arms outside the home has been stayed. The city asked for 180 days, the Judge gave them 90. Now D.C. is faced with the same dilemma Illinois was faced with recently.

1. They can appeal and run the risk of the issue landing in front of the Supreme Court which could invalidate a lot of state concealed carry laws. (There was a LOT of political pressure for Illinois NOT to do this).

2. They can try to implement a very expensive and restrictive permit process in an attempt to appease the court, which may fail and land them in front of TSCOTUS.

3. They can un-fornicate themselves and pass a shall issue permit with reciprocity.

4. The can trow a Hail Mary and go Constitutional Carry. Hail Mary because they would likely be hoping a lot of people mis-behaved so they can pass more restrictive laws.

Place your bets, strap in and hang on. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Acute failure of the Victim Selection Process; Fatal

The trio stormed the house looking for a quick score. Shots were fired on both sides, but in the end, proper technique and skill trumps Hollywood- and music video gun training. Two of bad guys left, most lickety-split, after their compatriot sprang a leak or three and became DRT – or “dead right there”.

Hopefully the other two are either caught or change their ways (stop laughing! It could happen!)

Not a Good Weekend for Anti-Civil Rights Activists

Just a quick roundup

D.C. Carry Ban struck down, until appeals are made or new laws passed. I don’t think this one is over but if the ACRAs push it there’s a chance it will end up where they didn’t want to take Illinois last year (in the Supreme Court).

Doctors in Florida told they can’t ask if patient owns firearms. The result of putting politics over medicine.

Doctor ignores workplace gun prohibition, prevents a mass shooting and will retain his job.

Mom’s Demand Action followers threaten to Rape and Murder NRA spokesman and his family

Details at The Truth About Guns, or if you want to see more of the same vile depravity from anti-civil rights activists check out the comments on You Tube.

While you’re there consider giving the video a thumbs up, it could use it.

On Being Consistent Pt II

In our last segment I talked about the dilemma faced when I found myself with two carry pistols with different reloading methods. The solution was to modify one to work like the other. Since there is no known modification to make the Kahr reliable (not that I experienced any issues) by using the slingshot method I looked instead to the Glock. While Glock has in interesting extended slide release, I wanted something a little less obtrusive. The solution was a slide stop designed by Larry Vickers and sold by Tango Down. This slide stop isn’t prone to accidental activation, but is just large enough to make activating it during the reloading process a breeze. I’ve had it in place for about 1000 rounds now and have had no problems with it. Now both of my pistols reload the same and if something goes wrong I can still revert to the slingshot method if need be.