Memorial Day

I don’t come from a family with much of a military tradition. Grandfather and Great Uncles that were veterans of WWI and an Uncle who joined the service during the Korean War but was discharged after his mother passed so he could help care for his family. Of course there’s me with time in the Air Force, but I don’t really matter.

Today like most other days I think about those who died on the battlefields and those who left something of themselves behind whether it was a physical or emotional chunk. Today is their day. Today is the day that I wish there was something we could do to soothe the broken souls of those who will never greet their loved ones again and those who survived and struggle to find peace with what they have seen. Parades and “Thank you for your service” strike me as hollow for some reason, but I just don’t know how we can really express our gratitude for the sacrifices made in our names.

Maybe someday we will figure out how to treat our veterans with the dignity and respect they deserve. We may even figure out how to help them cope with their losses better, to heal the wounds of the spirit and body. Hopefully that day will arrive very soon.

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