On Ft. Hood

It is past time for us to keep deluding ourselves that we are safe from those who wish to do us harm. Whether it is from a terrorist or just a deluded madman with a gun, we are in a global war. Our warfighters need to be armed at home and abroad, and our citizens need to be trained and equipped to deal with attacks on the home front. While this especially applies to our former and retired military and first responders citizens should also seek out training and the tools necessary to defend themselves.

Our elected leaders tell us there is no need for alarm, that we are safe and that we don’t need to be able to protect ourselves. It is time that we wake up and recognize the lie, fire those who have lied to us and steel ourselves with a resolve to see this through. They are correct that there is no need for alarm as long as we are willing to stand up against those who mean to do us harm.


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