Seven Ps

Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance

Two little tidbits from Facebook this week to ponder. The first is from Clint Smith of Thunder Ranch:

“Parts and Smarts”

If you head to the range this weekend for practice and your extractor breaks in your pistol…FIRST….do

you have an extra extractor and TWO….do you have the “smarts” to put it in correctly?’

Something I want you all to really work on this year….get spare parts and LEARN how your gun runs and HOW do change out parts…please.

We are headed to the range to learn from Jason Burton how to to this with our 1911s…more soon from the classroom.

Whether you carry a 1911 or other pistol having spare parts and the knowledge to replace them is important. Assembling a spare parts kit and some tools should be a priority if you haven’t already.

Up next we have something from Rob Pincus of the Personal Defense Network:

Day 4 CFS… Learning to work with less optimal gun designs. Most guys who get to CFSID School are using Modern Striker Fired guns, so I pull some things out of the safe do they can learn to deal with single and double/single action guns on the range.

Knowing your gun well is important, but if you’re going to instruct others you should take the time to learn how other systems work. An instructor must be competent if their students are to have faith in their training.



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