Another year, gone!

2013 was a rough year for me personally, but I have close friends who did and are going through worse so I won’t dwell on my personal misfortunes. With struggle comes change and there have been changes. One that will affect the time I can spend here is that my pursuit of a Master’s Degree has transformed into a pursuit of two Masters Degrees. I figured since it only added 12 weeks and two courses to my graduation date why not?

The good news though is I have a lot of content that you will be seeing in spite of my even busier schedule. Most of it will involve gear for my EDC kit, but there will be other content as well. Don’t expect to see new products not yet available on shelves. This blog is nowhere near popular enough to rate that privilege and I’m OK with that. I’m more interested right now with providing reviews of gear that you can get right now and most importantly gear I’m willing to bet my life on. My hope is these reviews will provide at least some insight as to how I choose gear that may help you in choosing your own.

So while there will be challenges this year, please stop in from time to time and see if anything new has popped up. Hopefully you’ll find it at least interesting.



One response to “Another year, gone!

  1. I hope it is a good year for you and the Mrs.