Violent Anti-Gunners

As a violence prevention activist I frequently come across those who would seek to do harm to others for their personal beliefs among other things here are three recent examples.

From the site  a site purportedly upset about guns being used to kill children. You will find that if you wish to send them an e-mail their address is stabagunnut@ gmail. Yep, if you believe in the Constitution they advocate stabbing you. There are also some nice examples of Markley’s law on that site as well.

Our next contestant in how violent can anti-rights cultists be is realeyezlife who would love to see drones turned on law abiding citizens. You got it, they want to see high explosive missiles rain down on your heads. To hell with due process and anyone else who might be with you. They want you vaporized.

Finally we have a random citizen threatening those who are trying to recall Colorado anti-rights Senator Evie Hudak. Ironically he threatens to go home, get a gun and come back and kill civil rights activists. You can read more about the twit over at Guns Save Lives.

So there you have it. If you want to use the most effective means of preserving innocent life they want you shot, stabbed and blown up. Yet the people with training in conflict avoidance, resolution and de-escelation are the problem?


3 responses to “Violent Anti-Gunners

  1. you are a corporate personhood clown..i’ll keep your comment up if you keep mine up clown…I mean, I got about 5,000 views in the last 4 days for my last it might help a loser like you get a couple more views..but you won’t leave my most recent blog up as a comment on your blog because it will expose you for the true ignorant clown that you are

  2. DR66, who is this assclown? At least when you were on that other site your opponents made clear and cogent (if wrong) arguments. This guy is a waste of oxygen, hate spouting, arrogant, uneducated….

    [insert extremely long list of patronizing and insulting names in the style of realeyezlife]


    DR, you’ve known me for a long time and I’ve rarely been that outspoken about someone. He isn’t worth your time even to notice, let alone mention, in your blog.

    BTW realeyezlife: I think you are going for “realize life” life in your handle. It comes off as saying “really easy life” which makes you look like a social sponge who wants the government to take care of you.

  3. ordnancecorner

    realeyezlife, I have no problem leaving your comment or your link up as it just proves that fact that you should not be allowed in public without a custodian.