Product Review: I.C.E. CLAW™ Sights

When I first purchased my GLOCK 19 I knew that one thing I would be changing even before I hit the range was the sights. Factory GLOCK sights are plastic and won’t hold up to any level of abuse, not that you should abuse your guns, but in a fight anything can happen so why take a chance? The one requirement I had was that I needed the best value for my money. Which is something everyone needs in this economy so my search led me to the I.C.E. CLAW™ sight set offered and endorsed by Rob Pincus.

Rob Pincus is a passionate person when it comes to firearms training, so passionate that he is reluctant to market merchandise that has his brand on it. While I will never fault any businessman for trying to make more money Rob’s approach is one that gives me a little more confidence in what he sells, he only sells items he would and does use personally. Compare this to some people out there who slap their brand on any piece of junk and hope someone validates P.T. Barnum while they cash the checks and you will see why I give serious consideration to the products offered at the I.C.E. Store.

I’ve never taken a class from Rob (though I hope to if I can physically do so), but the impression I get is that he likes to train worst case scenario and his products reflect that as well. The I.C.E. CLAW™ rear sight is designed to be used to help the user rack the slide one handed if the need to. This means it is made of a decent strength steel and the forward facing part of the site has hooks to help it grab onto surfaces. There are many popular sights that use a sloping face of the rear sight, try using any of the emergency manipulation techniques that you can do with the I.C.E. CLAW™ sight and see how many of them still work. Between the no BS just what works design and the price I ordered the I.C.E. CLAW™ sights with the ProGlo Tritium front sight. I went with tritium because I wanted to be able to see my front sight regardless of lighting conditions.

Customer Service: I do not know if my experience was atypical or not, but it was a pleasant surprise to receive a shipping notification within hours of placing my order. The fact I ordered during regular business hours likely had something to do with that, but considering some vendors, even small ones won’t ship till the next day I was happy. Transit time was out of the control of the I.C.E. Store, but I did receive my sights in a few days.

Installation: I’ve had a lot of experience installing sights in various firearms so I prepared for this install like I have so many others. I assembled my tools which included bench mat, Blue Loc-Tite, Acetone, Depth Gauge, Swiss files, a Lone Wolf Distributors 4 in 1 Armorers tool, the “Complete GLOCK Reference Guide”, and an MGW GLOCK Rear Sight Tool which I picked up at the recommendation of Commander Zero (actually he recommended the GLOCK Tool, but the MGW one was on sale for much less).

I began the installation process by first ensuring there was no ammunition in my gun or my work area. GLOCKs are not forgiving of user error when it comes to the disassembly process so I take no chances with it. Call me paranoid if you want, but I don’t want ever have to tell someone I had an N.D. because I did something stupid. Then following the manufacturer’s instructions I disassembled the gun and set everything off to one side except for the slide.

Following the instructions in the “Complete GLOCK Reference Guide” and that came with the MGW Sight tool I was able to quickly remove the old sights and install the new ones. I don’t know how consistent GLOCK is with cutting their dovetails, but I was fortunate that the rear sight required no fitting and I was able to install and adjust the rear sight so it was centered in the slide as well as install the front sight in about 20 minutes.

First Impressions: Let me start by saying I have primarily used target sights on my firearms. These sights let very little light past on the sides of the front sight when they are properly aligned and on my guns at least come in all black. The I.C.E. CLAW™ sights have a generous amount of daylight visible on either side of the front sight making target acquisition much faster and if you take your time (which you won’t in a gun fight) almost as precise. Visibility in all lighting conditions was excellent even in direct sunlight which I thought may be an issue since the rear sight is not serrated like target sights.

Working with snap caps I tried several emergency manipulations on various surfaces. The rear sight grabbed whatever I was using and held while I worked the slide. I got the impression the object you are pushing against will fail before the sight does.

Range Time: I tried a variety of 115gr 124gr +P and 135gr +P ammunition at distances of 10 and 15 yards. Elevation was spot on for all three loads. Windage was off initially, but was determined to be shooter error. I would like to attribute it to not enough time with safe action pistols, but I just screwed up. I never shot the pistol with the stock sights so I can’t do an accuracy comparison, but I can say the sights will allow you to shoot minute of bad guy if you have quality ammunition and do your part.

Final Thoughts: To say I am pleased with I.C.E. CLAW™ sights would be an understatement. I plan to install them on any of my firearms that they are available for (currently at one). I also won’t hesitate to recommend these to anyone looking to upgrade from the stock plastic sights.

Obligatory FTC Disclaimer: All products mentioned in this post were purchased by me with my own funds. I have not received nor do I expect any consideration for posting my opinions on these products.


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