Let’s get the strong language out-of-the-way first.

I hope the jackasses who thought it was a good idea to start packing AR-15s and sundry other long arms into Starbucks and other places get an angry ferret dropped down their pants. You ruined it for everyone I hope you’re happy.

I personally have nothing against open carry, I just don’t like to unless I have no other choice. I also won’t carry a long gun unless I have a reason to. Out west where I grew up we had a long-standing tradition; you carried a handgun for those just in case moments. If you expected trouble, or had a need such as hunting then you brought out the rifle or shotgun. People got that and we rarely scared the sheep wussy folk, not that there were too many of those around anyway.

Now I don’t know if there is any way to get Starbucks back in our collective good graces. Some people are pissed at Starbucks, others get it, and some will continue to open carry (though hopefully just their handguns). I also see the anti-rights cultists crowing over this hollow victory and when they realize that all they have really done is driven the guns into hiding where they have no idea who is carrying they will resume their vitriolic attacks.

So here is my thought on how we can rehab our image with Starbucks. This applies to those who are choosing not to patronize Starbucks and those who will and even if you rarely do this may work as well. Any time you purchase coffee scan and e-mail a copy of the receipt (after removing sensitive information) to Starbucks Customer Service with a statement that you are a law-abiding gun owner/carry permit holder who will respect their request and this is what you spent on coffee this day. Starbucks will see what we spend on coffee and so long as we don’t have any of the aforementioned jackasses mucking things u we may at least see Starbucks lean back towards neutral territory.

Don’t know for sure if it will work but I think we should at least try.


2 responses to “Starbucks

  1. Their letter is carefully worded–if you do carry, they won’t ask you to leave. And in most states, the letter has no force of law anyway. In many states, even a posted sign doesn’t.

    It was just their way of telling the rifle toters to be a bit more discreet, and make the rabbits think they were actually doing something.

    I carry a gun every day. I don’t have a need to pull the largest, scariest rifle out of my closet to antagonize people, nor would I carry that as a general rule. That’s a good guideline.

  2. At first I couldn’t figure out why you were upset. Then I realized: it’s not because these people are carrying firearms, it’s because they are being rude.