The Reveal

In our last two installments we discussed how I went about selecting the new EDC. It wasn’t supposed to cost an arm and a leg, it had to be reliable and easy to maintain and be something I wasn’t afraid to throw across a gravel parking lot. So what did I go with?


Yep John Browning is rolling in his grave, Satan is drinking ice water, cats and dogs are living together in sin… It’s mass hysteria folks! I went with a Glock 19. First off it has a decent magazine capacity to off-set the perceived shortcomings of the 9mm, second it has a nearly identical size envelope to the Colt CCO. Using information from Mas Ayoob it will be fed with Speer 124gr Gold Dot ammunition when I can get it. For now it’s being fed Hornady 115gr TAP FPD ammunition, which I may continue to use in the winter as well (Assuming I don’t go with a Glock 21 or 30).

Out of all of the firearms we tried the wife like this one the second best. The first will be her Kit gun as she is not planning on full-time CCW (subject to change I’m sure). I tried it and found it accurate and easy to handle as well. So plans were made, bank balances checked and with a local shop having a sale I was able to pick it up for slightly north of $400.

First Impressions

I remember my first experience with the Glock back in the 80s. I was very much a classic shooter then relying on Revolvers and 1911s and if I could find fault with the plastic fantastic Glock 17 I did. It was a 9mm, it has a lot of plastic, it has the wrong grip angle… the list goes on.

On this second more meaningful look 30 years of technology has put the street performance of both the .45 ACP and 9mm on near equal footing. The plastic has proven itself, and the grip angle is the same I use for revolvers. There will be some retraining involved, but I’m catching on fast (30 minutes of dry fire a night helps).

The guns (yes I will be getting two) will be getting a couple of mods; namely a barrel that can handle cast bullets and new sights, but otherwise it will remain stock. These will run under $200 total. In other words less than the sights cost on my last 1911 I had them put on.

Now I look at the Glock and I see not the prettiest girl on the block. In fact they’re down right average. But like that average girl you asked to the prom because you didn’t want to go alone, the appearance hides something that is going to rock your world and keep asking for more. It won’t be fussy and it won’t care if you ignore it a little. It will be there when you need it.


Owning a Glock was hardly my first choice, but in the end Rob Pincus, Commander Zero and many others convinced me to give it a second chance.  There are other good striker fired polymer pistols out there as well, but none have the aftermarket or the battlefield experience that I was looking for.


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