Daily Archives: May 29, 2013

Why you shouldn’t be upset about the recent ruling in the Zimmerman case.

According to this story a Judge has ruled that at this time Trayvon Martin’s past is not admissible in the defense of George Zimmerman. While some feel that the jury has a right to know what a sweet and charming little angel Martin was, in reality it is not relevant to the case and neither is Zimmerman’s past as well in my opinion.

If this is presented as a clean case (which I doubt but bear with me) the prosecution and defense should focus solely on the events the night Martin was killed. The reason for this is the central foundation of Zimmerman’s defense. According to Massad Ayoob and proven in court and law multiple time the only way Zimmerman was justified in using lethal force is if he had a reasonable belief that he was in imminent danger of death or grievous bodily harm at the hands of Martin. Because the two had never met before that night Zimmerman had no idea who he was facing or anything about his past. Now if Martin’s past was known to Zimmerman then it would be relevant to his defense, just as the prosecution would be justified in bringing up Zimmerman’s past if it was known to Martin.

At this time my opinion is that the Judge made the right call and out of fairness he should apply the same restrictions to the prosecution as well. We’ll know in a few weeks just how interested the prosecution is in a fair trial for Zimmerman. If they drag him through the mud as I expect them to the Judge should lift his restrictions on Martin’s past. I honestly feel that what is known about the case right now to include the timeline and physical evidence place this prosecution in the questionable if not outright malicious category. However, it won’t be the first time an armed citizen has faced a politically motivated trial and I doubt it will be the last.