Anti-Civil Rights Activists Begin Citizen Disarmament Push Part II

Proving themselves completely predictable as blood dancing opportunists, those who want to see the Bill of Rights dismantled intend to exploit dead children at an upcoming protest. The individual they intend to exploit; a 16 year old girl gunned down during an eight day feud/rampage over a fake diamond bracelet in Washington DC that resulted in five people dead.

Looking into those who committed the rampage reveals very little. Maybe it’s just that I don’t know how to manipulate the DC court search system to find previous convictions and arrests for those convicted of the murders. What I was able to find is that at least one of them was up on armed robbery charges and they found it amusing to steal money from a family member.

The Anti-Civil Rights Activists will be careful not to mention the criminal history of the murders. They won’t mention that in the commission of their 8 day murder spree that they violated the large number of DC firearms laws that they will claim can make everyone safer. To include bans on certain cosmetic features, magazine capacity, concealed carry and mandatory background checks. They most certainly will not disclose that according the the 1968 Haynes v. U.S. Supreme Court decision criminals are exempt from prosecution for failing to properly registering firearms and likely exempt for not submitting to a background check prior to taking possession of a firearm.

Finally we come to the Anti-Civil Rights Activists donning sheep’s clothing. They claim to be gun safety advocates, yet I doubt any one of them could quote Cooper’s four rules. Tell us if it is safe to shoot a +p+ .38 Special in a gun so chambered and manufactured at the end of the 19th Century or demonstrate the manual of arms of the firearms in common use today (the ones the Supreme Court says the Second Amendment applies to by the way). They know nothing of safety they just want to take away people’s civil rights so the people are under their control. The Republic means nothing to them, they want tyranny of the majority or worse a Feudal society where they get to make the rules on who can own what, say what, get married, have an abortion, what religion people can practice, what foods you can eat, what beverages you can drink and so on.

Don’t believe me? Ask yourself this; If they are willing to lie, exploit dead children and their parents in efforts they know not only abridge fundamental human rights, but also make them less safe, is there anything they won’t do if it helps them achieve their goal?



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